Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez on Fox News Haters: Why Are So Many Grown Men Just Obsessed With Me? – The Daily Beast

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez on Fox News Haters: \Why Are So Many Grown Men Just Obsessed\ With Me? - The Daily Beast

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez flips out over mocking of her name

New York (CNN Business)Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez graced the cover of this weeks issue of Time magazine, further cementing the freshman congresswomans status as a national figure.

Time's profile of Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez proves that while she had an American childhood experience like millions of others, the Congresswoman's vision for the country is wholly antithetical to the ideals which made it possible. After the Time piece, a more enlightening Twitter revelation by Ocasio-Cortez shows that our country's historical lessons, and what has made this nation so great, are totally beyond her sphere of recognition. Ignorance, her words unwittingly evince, is the driving factor of her agenda.

Ocasio-Cortez represents one vision of the Democratic Partys future, Times Charlotte Alter notes in her cover story. Shes a political phenomenon: part activist, part legislator, arguably the best storyteller in the party since Barack Obama and perhaps the only Democrat right now with the star power to challenge President Donald Trump.

Time's profile highlights that Ocasio-Cortez's mother and her father sought a better life for their kids. While a child, her family moved from the poorer Bronx towards the wealthier Westchester County. Ocasio-Cortez was raised in a home that promoted education while at the same time valued hard work. The 29-year-old cherished the days she joined her mother's house cleaning business duties while she also found interest in microbiology. 

Fox News likes to say my name (incorrectly) as Cortez, which I can only imagine is bc that sounds more stereotypically Hispanic + probably incites more anxiety for them, she continued. My last name is not Cortez, just as theirs isnt Ingra or Carl or Hann.

She was acutely aware her life was better economically than her cousins. She would travel to family gatherings, coming away with the belief that "ZIP code determines destiny" based on what she saw in comparison to her new hometown. 

If by the Latina thing, she means I actually do the work instead of just talk about it, then yeah, Im doing the Latina thing, she wrote. Unless of course shes talking about being multilingual, which we know isnt a Latina thing. Its a 21st century thing.

As she began young adulthood, her father tragically passed away from a battle with lung cancer, but not before encouraging her to "make him proud." With the loss of her father's architecture business income, her mother took on another job. Ocasio-Cortez took on student loans for college which saddled her in debt. 

But, despite growing up with two parents who loved her, a fantastic education, and living in a wealthy district Ocasio-Cortez says she has never seen American prosperity. 

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez fired back against Laura Ingraham on Wednesday after the Fox News host and a guest mocked the freshman New York Democrat for the way in which she pronounces her name.

“An entire generation, which is now becoming one of the largest electorates in America, came of age and never saw American prosperity,” she says. “I have never seen that, or experienced it, really, in my adult life.”

Siri, show me the brand of economic anxiety that mocks Americans of color as unintelligent + unskilled, while *also* mocking those same Americans for speaking more languages than you:

Video: New Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Conspiracy Theory

In her eyes,  the Great Recession, the student loan crisis, rising healthcare costs, and inaction on climate change among other problems have robbed her entire generation of success.

Given JPMorgan Chase’s vast financing of fossil fuels, the worlds worst banker of climate change appears poorly positioned to criticize any resolution that takes seriously the Paris goal of keeping total warming “well below 2°C” (3.6 degrees Fahrenheit) and as close as possible to 1.5 degrees Celsius (2.7 degrees Fahrenheit).

These are indeed all important issues which hamper economic growth. But in her mind, America cannot solve them because we are not concerned with being "morally right." 

According to a report by the Sierra Club and other leading environmental groups, however, JPMorgan Chase has provided a staggering $196 billion dollars in financing for fossil fuels and fossil fuel expansion since the December 2015 Paris Agreement, in which 200 nations unanimously agreed to leave most fossil fuels in the ground.

"I think that there’s a lot of people more concerned about being precisely, factually and semantically correct than about being morally right," she once told CNN's Anderson Cooper. 

Just before the Paris deal, JPMorgan Chase signed a statement with Bank of America, Citi, Morgan Stanley, Wells Fargo, Goldman Sachs, and other big financial companies embracing the need for strong action. “Our institutions are committing significant resources toward financing climate solutions,” the statement read.

For Ocasio-Cortez, "morally right" means more government intervention, naysayers be damned. Every single one of her policy solutions increases the size and scope of federal power.

But if she focused more on the "precise facts" of these areas and others, she would understand that these problems were started by big government, not a lack of American morals.

In an interview with CNN Tuesday, Dimon was dismissive of the Green New Deal, saying “I don’t spend much time worrying about things I can’t effectuate.” He also questioned the approach, “Can you focus on climate change in an intelligent way that doesnt damage the economy?” 

Ocasio-Cortez hits back at Jamie Dimon after Green New Deal criticism

The great recession began because government interference forced banks to lend risky home loans to poorer individuals. The government knew these people could not pay them back, but made banks give loans under the guise of achieving the "American dream." Because of the government's involvement, banks did not care about defaults because they knew they would be paid anyway. In 2007, when this practice finally caught up to the economy, the country blamed Republicans. But it was Democrats who started this and its Ocasio-Cortez wants to continue similar practices.

In 2017, Dimon also said he “absolutely” disagrees with President Donald Trump’s decision to withdraw the United States from the historic climate deal. However, this week’s report shows that JPMorgan Chase has since become the leading banker of fossil fuels and fossil fuel expansion.

Student loan debt is astronomical because colleges raise prices every year. They do so because federally backed student loans guarantee cash flow to these schools. Just like the banks, what does college care if a student is able to repay their loans once they graduate? The money backed by the feds is already in their pocket. Again, if the government quit "guaranteeing" more and more money each year, the country wouldn't be stuck with a student loan crisis. The New York Congresswoman says "Screw paying for college, let us just have the government make it free."

The chairman of the House Oversight Committee said Thursday a lawyer for Kushner told lawmakers last year that the White House adviser uses a private email account and encrypted messaging service WhatsApp for official government business, sometimes communicating with foreign contacts via those methods.

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez to appear on cover of upcoming issue of Time

High deductibles? Thank Obamacare. As noted by Justin Haskins, "Health insurance premiums increased sharply in 2018, driven in large part by Obamacare’s anti-free-market penalties, mandates, and regulations. Cost increases for health insurance plans sold on Obamacare exchanges were particularly high." Again, the government told the American people something was good for them, forced numerous actors into making decisions, and again made everything way too expensive. As Haskins notes, the solution to high deductibles is " to implement essential reforms based on free-market, pro-liberty principles" that promote "competition and innovation." What does Ocasio-Cortez say to this? "Let's provide Medicaid for all."

But what about climate change? Ocasio-Cortez's proposal has been tried and failed in other countries. There is little evidence that it will reduce carbon emissions, but supporters fully admit it is a vehicle to transform the economy into democratic socialism. 

The lawyer, Abbe Lowell, said the presidents daughter Ivanka Trump, also a White House adviser, uses a private email account for official business as well.

And why does she want democratic socialism so badly? For some reason, Ocasio-Cortez looks at the aforementioned problems and says "If only the government had done more, we would not be in this situation."  

Video: Ocasio-Cortez slams Jamie Dimon for dismissing her Green New Deal

But His WhatsApp: AOC, Hillary Clinton Taunt Jared Kushner Over Private Messaging

Why doesn't she realize that history, and modern-day reality, shows government intervention exacerbates these issues? On Twitter she said admitted she was pretty ignorant of the past and relies solely on her own experience.

Ocasio-Cortez essentially says that because she never "experienced" less government, she is automatically against it. She thinks bigger government means a better society. But if she had even studied a tiny bit of what she never "experienced" she would understand that America's most prosperous times have come when the government was limited. 

Why? Limited government means Americans have more choice. Americans, not the government, are better at deciding their future. Millions of Americans improve their children's lives just like her family did by moving to a better town or encouraging hard work and quality education. Contrary to her belief, it was not the "zip code" that defined her life, but her upbringing by her parents. Her parents were not forced or encouraged by government-backed guarantees to make these decisions, but by a determination to make sure their loved ones had a better life than they did. But if Ocasio-Cortez gets her way under Democratic Socialism, which has failed everywhere it has been tried, we would all be placed in the same "zip code." This means we would all suffer as big government decreases our ability to make choices while forcing supposedly good items like free healthcare, free homes, free education, and a cleaner environment upon us. 

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