Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez decries myth of low-paying jobs in emotional tweet – New York Post

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez decries \myth\ of low-paying jobs in emotional tweet - New York Post

Ocasio-Cortez says she was astonished when man left sign outside her office in support of both her and Trump

Outnumbered co-host Melissa Francis reacts to the freshman congresswomans claims on Tucker Carlson Tonight.

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, D-N.Y., said a man left a sign outside her office on Friday that expressed support for both her and President Trump, a concept she said left her feeling “pretty astonished.”

For these women, like the rest of us, politics is deeply personal. At one point in the movie, AOC sits in front of the Capitol building after her election and cries, recalling a memory with her father. It’s beautiful and it’s intimate, and beyond any doubt at all, it makes it clear that Ocasio-Cortez really does care about her constituents and the country itself as much as she appears too. And that means it’s possible for more people who care like that be elected to public office. It’s possible that this is the future.

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The freshman lawmaker detailed the experience on Twitter, explaining that upon leaving work for the day, she discovered a man and a person she presumed to be his teenage son putting up a handmade sign outside her office.

The pair exchanged introductions and the man told her that “he wanted to show his support,” Ocasio-Cortez said. She was left struggling on how to ask him for an explanation, she said.

Whos been sitting in Pelosis chair? Democrat Ocasio-Cortez


“I somehow got it out: ‘With all respect sir, how do you… manage to support both of us at the same time?’” Ocasio-Cortez said she asked. “This is what he said: ‘I’ve been saying for years that climate change is our most important crisis. You’re one of the only ones who‘s been willing to be decisive on it.’”

It’s hard not to wonder what the documentary would be if AOC had lost her race. It still would have been about four women who cared deeply about their communities and fought hard to make real change. And I’m so glad the film didn’t just end up being about the one woman who won her race. Blotnick (the film’s editor) told the New York Times, If we were only to show what happened in her race, we could risk falling into fairy-tale territory.”

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“Then he said, ‘I like you. I can tell that you are genuine and fighting for us. You’re real and you get it.’ I thanked him and his family from the bottom of my heart,” she continued.

In addition to AOC’s sudden celebrity, there’s another obvious reason why the film and coverage of it focus so heavily on her. The films creators—director Rachel Lears and her husband/editor/co-writer Robin Blotnick—picked the candidates they would follow not knowing how their races would end. Of the four candidates, Ocasio-Cortez was the only one to win her election.

Since entering the political sphere, Ocasio-Cortez has been a champion for the Green New Deal, an economic stimulus concept designed to tackle income inequality and climate change.

But the film focuses heavily on AOC, and if the storytelling is a bit uneven, the story itself more than makes for it. The film gives a fascinating perspective to the process by which Ocasio-Cortez was elected. A lot of people see her as a sort of political Rudy—an impossible underdog who singlehandedly overcame enormous odds to take down establishment politics all by herself.

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Ocasio-Cortez chose to share her experience Friday as a means to spread a message of perseverance, she said, before accusing politicians and lobbyists of thwarting efforts to fix “our climate crisis.”

Personally, I found it inspiring to know that even someone who seems to be the face of Doing It Yourself needed and had a whole team of people working for her. I know a lot of people, especially women and POC, who are inspired by people like the congresswoman but don’t think they could do something similar. It helps to know that even she needed a village behind her.

“All of this is to say don’t let any politician, no matter the party, lecture you about what is ‘possible’ or ‘electable,’” she tweeted. “Don’t ever let a politician imply that working people are ‘less-than’ or ‘uneducated’ – aka that they are the ones in the way of solving the climate crisis.”

“If you don’t understand this man’s sign – or don’t approach it with a desire to – then you do not understand this political moment,” she tweeted. “The same folks who said Trump was impossible in 2016 are the same ones lecturing on what’s ‘electable’ in 2020. Don’t buy it. Vote your values.”

You can be certain that lobbyists for those mega banks on Wall Street had their hand in repealing the usury laws in the U.S. Its nothing less than an outrage and scandal that members of Congress havent come together in all these years to cap consumer interest rates as they have undoubtedly also heard from their constituents about the humanitarian crisis this is having on families across the nation. Clearly, 15 percent is still too high a rate for struggling consumers but it shows pragmatism on the part of Sanders and Ocasio-Cortez: they’d have no hope of the legislation ever passing if they went for a lower rate.

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – In another first for rookie congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, the liberal Democrat from New York on Friday became the youngest woman to preside over the U.S. House of Representatives.

Why so many Americans have been forced into these loan sharking interest rates can be best illustrated by the two charts above. According to the Federal Reserve, consumer credit outstanding (both revolving and nonrevolving credit) has grown from $2.5 trillion in 2009 to $4 trillion today. During the same time period, the Federal minimum wage hasnt budged: it has remained static at $7.25. Some states have enacted laws which have raised the minimum wage but none of these are enough to keep families from being forced into credit card debt traps when a medical emergency arises or the primary wage earner loses a job.

Sitting in House Speaker Nancy Pelosis chair as part of a routine rotation of House members, Ocasio-Cortez took her turn with the gavel and ran the chamber for about an hour. The duty is shared day-to-day by members of the House majority, currently the Democrats.

In the event, Ocasio-Cortez did not have a great deal to do. She presided over “special orders,” which are generally short speeches by House members at the end of the days legislative business, often on issues of concern in their districts.

Compare how that struggling American was treated versus the $29 trillion that the Federal Reserve secretly funneled to the same banks that were charging their customers over 20 percent interest on credit cards during the financial crisis. In one of the Feds lending programs, the Primary Dealer Credit Facility (PDCF), it funneled 64 percent of its loans to just three mega Wall Street banks. Citigroup, Morgan Stanley and Merrill Lynch received $5.7 trillion of the PDCFs $8.95 trillion in loans. Their mean interest rate was 1.065 percent.

Ocasio-Cortez, 29, called on members as they rose to speak, once or twice stumbling over their states of origin. “For what purpose does the gentleman from Ohio – um, from Illinois, excuse me, seek recognition?” she said as Representative Sean Casten, a fellow freshman Democrat, took the floor.

Establishing a national usury law is not a radical concept. Up until 1978, about half of the states in the country had usury laws on the books capping interest rates on credit cards and other consumer loans. For example, in Alabama, the legal maximum rate of interest was 8 percent. In Alaska it was 10.5 percent. In Arizona it was 10 percent. In Idaho, it was 12 percent. In Kansas, it was 15 percent. In New Mexico it was 15 percent. And, in Vermont, the legal maximum rate of interest was 12 percent.

“That was my first time presiding. And its exciting. Its certainly a view. I wish we could, I wish we were allowed to take photos,” she told reporters after the session.

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Ocasio-Cortez describes herself as a Democratic socialist and is the most prominent member of a group of female Democrats elected to the House for the first time last November, bolstering the partys liberal wing.

Todays modern-day loan sharks are no longer lurking on street corners, threatening violence to collect their payments. Todays loan sharks wear expensive suits and work on Wall Street, where they make hundreds of millions of dollars in total compensation by charging sky-high fees and usurious interest rates, and head financial institutions like JP Morgan Chase, Citigroup, Bank of America, and American Express…

She has become a sensation on social media, drawing headlines for dance routines as well as championing the Green New Deal, a package of proposals to tackle climate change.

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She is the youngest woman ever elected to Congress, representing New Yorks 14th district in the Bronx and Queens.

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