Bellevue residents forced out by flooding air their frustrations – Omaha World-Herald

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BELLEVUE, Neb. (WOWT) – Residents of the flooded Paradise Lakes were frustrated Friday because the property managers wont pick up their phone.

“Ive lived in that house for 23 years. It is the only home that I have even known, and now everything that I thought was significant is gone and I cant do anything about it,” resident Stacey Klassen said.

“Its just hard. The kids dont realize what theyve lost yet, and when they do…” resident Bridget Mullen said.

Many in the community said they live paycheck to paycheck. Their security deposits could be the lifeline they need to start over. However, Paradise Lakes management wont say if theyll get those back.

“Even if they just said they would and give us an answer. They aint giving us an answer,” resident Jeremy Gregg said.

Many landlords require reference letters, which is impossible to get if you cant contact previous property managers.

At the public forum, management from the displaced Green Acres community was present and reassured residents steps were being taken to help.

“It would have been nice. It would have been nice, cause we have questions,” resident Jennifer Fletcher said.

6 News called, texted and left messages for two different managers of the Paradise Lakes community. There was no response.

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