Red Cross volunteers in Bridgeport get ready to head south

Red Cross volunteers in Bridgeport get ready to head south

Images, video showing Michaels destruction emerge: All the houses are submerged

Michael made landfall near Mexico Beach and Tyndall Air Force Base as a Category 4 hurricane with max sustained winds of 155 miles per hour. To be a Category 5, Michael would need sustained winds of at least 157.

When Hurricane Michael made landfall as a powerful Category 4 storm on Wednesday, it passed directly through Mexico Beach, Florida. 

Tessa Talarico started to take video from her cell phone as it was happening and post what she was seeing to Instagram.

As the winds picked up, the video showed boats on their lifts shaking in the wind, and pieces of nearby homes floating in the water.

Hurricane Michael made landfall along the Florida Panhandle as a powerful Category 4 storm with maximum sustained winds of 155 mph on Wednesday afternoon, killing at least one. After ravaging sections of the coast, the storm moved north and was downgraded to a Category 3, still powerful enough to cause widespread damage, as it cut across southern Georgia. Visit Yahoo News for the latest on the storm and see a recap of the days events in the blog below.

Images she later posted showed foggy shots of debris everywhere in the water. The situation was dire.

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Video: Hurricane Michael makes landfall with 155 mph winds

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"This is super bad," she wrote. "A whole house is gone and is floating in front of our place."

Alpharetta, GA – For our customers in the Florida Panhandle including coastal Alabama that will feel the effects of Hurricane Michael, Verizon Wireless is saying Weve Got Your Back. From October 10 through October 14, Verizon is providing free calling, texting and data to its postpaid and prepaid customers who reside in the areas of the Florida Panhandle including coastal Alabama that are in the direct path of the storm. We will closely monitor the storms path and impact and will make additions and adjustments as needed, and will communicate those details as those decisions are made.

Video: Storm surge from Hurricane Michael swallows shoreline

After several more posts, she shared an image of her vantage point in her condominium at Mexico Beach Villas. What she was staring at was destruction.

“This is one way we can help residents preparing for Hurricane Michaels landfall,” said Russ Preite, president, Southeast Market for Verizon Wireless. We urge all those in the storms path to get prepared and stay safe.

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