Video: Peeping Tom peers into Carlsbad home before dad gives chase with bat

Video: \Peeping Tom\ peers into Carlsbad home before dad gives chase with bat

Family Offers Reward for Capture of Man Who Peeked in Their Windows

Photo credit: footage The neighborhood is suffering through a rash of serial voyeurism recently.Recent reports of a Hillcrest Peeping Tom have the neighborhood on alert and now it appears the invader has been caught on camera. 

Security camera footage shows a man looking through a window near 3rd and Pennsylvania Avenues according to ABC 10 News. Reports say the individual was first seen looking through a residential window on Sept. 6 at about 9:15 pm. He then disappeared only to return 20 minutes later to do the same thing, but this time he also urinated on a nearby wall.

He was chased away but returned again on Sept. 10. where video shows him jumping onto a patio in what may have been an effort to get a better view.

Hillcrest “Peeping Tom” caught on camera

A nearby resident, Deborah Callahan, told 10 News, (My neighbor) had pulled the blinds but he jumped up on the porch to kind of see through a gap in the blinds.  And that was concerning because hes really interested in that window.”

There have been several reports of a man looking through windows in Hillcrest. On Monday we reported another incident, this time on 4th Avenue. 

Callahan cant say if the two instances are related, but she is still concerned.Whether its the same person or a different person, its been happening a lot, she said.

According to Psychology Today, a “Peeping Tom” may suffer from something called voyeuristic disorder; a psychiatric sexual disorder where someone gets sexually aroused by “intentionally spying on unsuspecting people who are naked, getting undressed, or participating in sexual activities.”

A Carlsbad father says hes worried about his neighbors after catching a “Peeping Tom” peering through his window for the second time.

A Carlsbad father says hes worried about his neighbors after catching a “Peeping Tom” peering through his window for the second time.

Graeme Stanners said he and his daughter were home on Tuttle Street when the man stopped by again early Monday just before 1 a.m. Both watched on Ring doorbell video using their phones as the man casually walk up to the home and look inside.

Video shows the man becomes startled, and seconds later Stanners runs outside with a baseball bat and follows the man's trail.

"My daughter texted me and said, 'Hey that same guy is looking in the window right now,'" Stanners said. "I got fired up and said hey I'm going to try to catch him, got a baseball bat and tried to chase him down the street."

It was the second time after days before Stanners caught a man doing the same thing on Saturday.

"It totally freaked me out. I thought 'who is this guy and why is he looking in my window?'" Stanners wrote in an email to 10News.

Stanner said he has filed a report with Carlsbad Police twice, but there's not much that can be done unless the man is caught committing a crime. 10News has blurred the man's face because he has not been charged with a crime.

"I want to make sure he's caught. If he's doing it to me, he could be doing it to other people," Stanners says.

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