Teenage mother charged with murder of baby found in Carrollton cemetery flowerpot – Dallas News

Teenage mother charged with murder of baby found in Carrollton cemetery flowerpot - Dallas News

Texas woman arrested, charged with capital murder after baby found dead in flower pot: report

A Dallas teen who came forward as the mother of a baby girl found buried in a flowerpot in a Carrollton cemetery has been charged with capital murder in the childs death.

Jazmin Lopez, 18, was arrested Tuesday and booked into the Denton County jail. She remained in custody Wednesday, with bail set at $500,000.

The girls body, with her umbilical cord still attached, was found March 11 when a caretaker for Perry Cemetery decided to empty the pot. Police released information about the case March 27 in hopes of locating the childs mother.

Lopez came forward two days later and told police that she gave birth in her Far North Dallas home Feb. 4 and passed out after the delivery. When she came to, her daughter was no longer breathing, she said, according to her arrest-warrant affidavit.

Police say Lopez changed her story in April, after theyd found photographs of the child, conversations about abortion pills and searches for abortion clinics on her cellphone.

She told police shed been trying for months to have an abortion without her familys knowledge. None of her relatives knew she was pregnant, according to the affidavit.

In a second interview, Lopez said she wrapped the newborn in a shirt and covered her mouth with the fabric in case she cried. She said she held the infant to her body for one or two minutes, according to the affidavit, and kept her mouth covered as she cleaned blood from the bathroom where shed given birth.

A caretaker at Perry Cemetery on Perry Road found the baby girl’s body on March 11. He reportedly spotted a flowerpot that was out of place and discovered her buried beneath the soil in the pot.

She then put the baby, whom she named Kailen, in a basket in a closet while she ate breakfast and continued cleaning, the affidavit says. When a friend arrived later, Lopez put the baby in a backpack and left the apartment.

The baby’s mother, 18-year-old Jazmin Lopez of Dallas, came forward to police after seeing the story reported on the news. She was arrested Tuesday and is now facing a capital murder charge.

Lopezs friend drove to a Home Depot, where the pair bought flowers and a plastic pot, she told police. They buried the baby in the pot and left it in a vehicle overnight, the affidavit says.

According to an arrest warrant affidavit, Lopez originally told officers that she was home alone when she gave birth and that the little girl was not moving or breathing.

The next morning, the pair placed the flowerpot between two headstones at the cemetery, where it remained for more than a month.

The infants autopsy uncovered no physical abnormalities, and no signs of injury or trauma. She weighed just under 6 pounds.

Texas has a “Baby Moses” law, under which someone with a newborn child they are unable to care for can legally leave the infant with an employee at a hospital, emergency room, fire station or EMS station.

A Texas woman was arrested after her newborn child was found buried in a flowerpot in a cemetery, officials said.

Jazmin Lopez, 18, identified herself as the mother of the baby, who was found by a caretaker at Perry Cemetery on March 11, Fox station KDFW reported.

At first, the flowerpot was left in a car overnight before the 18-year-old from Dallas and a friend took the flowerpot to a Carrollton cemetery and left it there, according to arrest warrant obtained by the Fort Worth Star-Telegram on Wednesday.


The caretaker "emptied what he knew to be an out of place flowerpot and discovered the body of a deceased infant beneath the pot's soil," the Carrollton Police Department previously revealed in a news release.

A teen smothered her newborn baby in February with a shirt as the infant was about to cry for the first time and later buried the child in a flowerpot, according to police and court documents.

Authorities said the baby "was a girl, 34 weeks to full term, and weighed just under six pounds."

Her juvenile friend had not been arrested as of Wednesday, but the investigation continued, said Carrollton police spokeswoman Jolene DeVito in a Wednesday telephone interview.

Jazmin Lopez, 18, was reportedly arrested after she identified herself as the mother of a baby who was found dead in a flowerpot in March.  (Denton County Sheriffs Office)

Lopez allegedly first told investigators that she gave birth to the baby, who was not breathing or moving, while at home alone, the news station reported, citing an arrest warrant affidavit.

Police said that after they found a photo of a seemingly alive baby on her phone, the woman allegedly changed her story, claiming she gave birth in the bathroom with family members home.

Lopez was in the Denton County Jail on Wednesday in lieu of $500,000 bail. The teen is expected to be charged with capital murder, Carrollton police said.

“Jazmin demonstrated that she took her shirt off and wrapped the baby up. Jazmin said the baby was moving and gasping for air," the affidavit reportedly stated. "Jazmin said she knew the baby was about to cry so she covered her mouth."

Lopez stated nobody in her family knew she was pregnant and she had not received or sought medical prenatal care. She gave her baby the name Kailen Lopez.

Lopez told authorities she "took the shirt and covered the baby’s face and then held the baby against her body for one to two minutes," before allegedly putting the body in a basket of blankets.

When her friend arrived, she said she put the baby in a backpack and went to buy a flower pot. Lopez allegedly claimed she put the body in the flower pot, then placed dirt and flowers on top.

Investigators reportedly don't believe Lopez's claim that she covered the baby to keep her quiet, considering she had allegedly conducted a search history about abortion.

Lopez was taken into custody on Tuesday and charged with capital murder. As of Wednesday, she was reportedly being held at the Dallas County Jail on a $500,000 bond.

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