Cedar Rapids man aims to give kids One Less Obstacle

CEDAR RAPIDS, Iowa (KCRG) – The weather has been cold this month, especially for our high temperatures.

In Cedar Rapids, the average high for November 1-18 was 38.9 degrees. Thats the second-coldest average high on record for the first 18 days of November. The coldest is 38.8 degrees in 1997. In addition, the warmest high this month was 54 degrees; only two other years (1997 and 2017) had a lower warmest high by this point.

Dubuques average high of 37.1 degrees also puts it in 2nd place. The coldest was in 1997 when the average high was 36.7 degrees. The warmest high this month of 52 degrees is beat only by last year, when the highest temperature so far in the month was 51.

In Iowa City, the average high has been 40.8 degrees. Like Cedar Rapids and Dubuque, thats good for second place. The caveat is that the Iowa City Airport has only about 30 years of records. The long-term climate site at the wastewater treatment plant on the south side of the city had its third-coldest November 1-18 period on record. The airports warmest high of 57 is higher than two other years – 1997 and 2017.

Waterloo has come in with an average high of 37.8 degrees, the third-coldest on record. 1991 was barely colder at 37.6 degrees, and 1997 had 36.9 degrees. Waterloo did manage a relatively mild day at 58 degrees; nine other years went through November 1-18 without getting that warm.

A Cedar Rapids woman is facing arson charges for two fires – one last month and another last year.

Cedar Rapids Police say 48-year-old Carolyn Mittman admitted she started the fires to collect insurance money. The most recent fire, on October 22, happened in an apartment building at 4333 1st Avenue SW where Mittman lived. She’s also accused of starting a fire in her previous home at 5259 Johnson Avenue SW in October of 2017.

In each case, Mittman allegedly used a lighter or matches to start carpeting or newspapers and clothing on fire.

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