The best Charleston April Fools Day 2019 jokes weve seen so far – Charleston City Paper

Happy April Fools' Day to all of our residents in Goose Creek… And, our residents in South Goose Creek. #SGC

In a prank video released Monday, several Goose Creek officials draped a massive sign over North Charleston City Hall announcing the change. Goose Creek Assistant City Administrator Daniel Moore and City Administrator Jake Broom dressed up as air conditioning workers in the video so they could sneak in to the building undetected. 

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Broom told The Post and Courier that the video was staged and had been planned for about two months. They filmed it two weeks ago.

I wanted to do something that would show the citys personality and our creativity, Broom said. Its more than just public notices on a Facebook page. Cities can be fun, too. 

In the video, after the banner has covered the “North Charleston” lettering, unsuspecting North Charleston employees pull up and cant believe what theyre seeing. 

North Charleston got revenge, too. In a subsequent video released later Monday, North Charleston held a staged event in which police officers arrest Moore and Broom for the prank.

“These type of antics will not be tolerated by the city of North Charleston, and we will prosecute to the fullest extent of the law,” Summey said jokingly in an “exclusive” interview. 

But the prank also had a more serious side for the city that incorporated 11 years before its larger southern neighbor.

Were trying to become a bigger player on the regional stage,” Broom said. “We wanted something that would say North Charleston, you should be named after us. Were all about the future. 

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