Police looking for endangered Clarksville runaway who may be armed – Clarksville Now

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CLARKSVILLE, Tenn. (WZTV) — An 86-year-old woman in the Clarksville area was almost scammed out of $17,500 from what she thought was a "mega millions contest."

Clarksville Police say the woman was called multiple times each day by people asking her to send them money to pay the taxes on winnings she would soon receive from the "contest." The callers convinced the elderly woman to buy $3,500 in Amazon gift cards despite the store clerk questioning her what they were intended for during the transaction.

Officers say the scammers advised the woman to tell the store clerk the gift cards were for her grandchildren to avoid detection of possible fraudulent activity. The 86-year-old woman gave the caller the gift card numbers that were immediately transferred to another account.

The masterminds behind the scam also convinced the woman to write two checks for $7,000 each and send them to an address in Brooklyn, New York. Investigators say the woman's daughter intervened before the checks were cashed.

As authorities were taking the fraud report, Clarksville Police say the scammers called and spoke to an officer who said to stop calling because they were tracing the number. The scammers continued asking for the victim until they were hung up on.

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