1 rescued from Columbia hotel fire, officials say – The State

1 rescued from Columbia hotel fire, officials say - The State

WATCH: 1 rescued from Columbia hotel fire, crews say

The two-alarm fire happened Tuesday afternoon at the La Quinta Inn off Horseshoe Drive near Two Notch Road, according to the Columbia Fire Department. Thats located between Interstates 20 and 77.

Details are limited, but the fire department said multiple ladders are being used on the rear of the hotel. Video posted to the departments Twitter account appears to show damage to at least half a dozen rooms.

This was the scene when our crews first arrived on scene. Heavy fire in rear of the motel extending up all floors. @ColaFire #2alarm pic.twitter.com/egCS0w9e4L

Firefighters had the blaze contained by 1:45 p.m. About 37 of the hotels 99 rooms were occupied when the fire broke out, according to the department.

COLUMBIA, S.C. (WIS) – Columbia fire crews are on the scene of a 2-alarm fire at the La Quinta Inn off of Horseshoe Drive near Two Notch Road.

One victim had to be rescued from the third floor as multiple ladders attended to the fire. There was heavy fire in rear of the motel extending up all floors.

Fire officals say there were about 37 occupied rooms at the time of the fire. There are 99 rooms total in the motel.

Heres a short clip of the rescue of one person from a 3rd floor room during this afternoons #2alarm fire at La Quinta Inn. This is from the rear of the building minutes after our crews arrived on scene. @ColaFire pic.twitter.com/j4cQlNP0rX

This is whats left after a 2 Alarm fire ripped through 3 floors of the La Quinta Inn at Two Notch and Horseshoe Drive. 1 person was rescued. An employee at a nearby business says they saw fire coming from an AC unit, but an official cause hasnt been released [email protected] pic.twitter.com/lcXKxLXNoo

Bobby Mouzon, a guest at La Quinta Inn says he and his wife were inside the building during the fire.

We were actually in our room and the alarm went off. We didnt thought anything of it, because it stopped. It went off again. And it stopped. The third time, I said we better go outside and see whats going on. We came out and once we came outside we saw the smoke coming down from the roof and up on the third floor. I figured we were going to be able to dash back in and once I saw how bad it was, I wanted to run back in and get my phone and computer. Material things, you can replace them, but you cant replace life,” Mouzon said.

Keara Gleaton-saw La Quinta Fire: You know how you could see like a barbecue grill and you see smoke so we saw smoke. And we was like, wait a minute, they dont have no grill over here. So we was like, we told our manager, go over there and see whats smoking so then, it was fire, so I climbed up there too and I looked over and it was smoke, witness Keara Gleaton said.

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