Concord Making Strides event is a celebration of survivorship

Concord Making Strides event is a celebration of survivorship

Elizabeth Hurley is calling for a cure to Breast Cancer — Heres how uploading your selfie can help

Since the beginning of October, Starbucks Indonesias Instagram account has been flooded with pink images—all part of the brands returning Breast Cancer Awareness month campaign, #PINKVOICE. Throughout the month, all stores in Indonesia will carry three different pink drinks:

Share Emily Rella, Oct 9th 2018 4:30PM Its nearly impossible to look anywhere during the month of October and not see some sort of pink memorabilia in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness.

If theres something on the initial screening mammogram that requires additional diagnostic pictures, 90 percent of those women are cleared and can go back to routine screening next year, Freer said. A lot of times if they feel a lump, even if its a new lump increasing in size, were able to tell them its just regular breast tissue. Other times we may find a breast cyst, which is just a pocket of fluid in the breast and doesnt require any other evaluation except to document it.

This is, of course, because October is National Breast Cancer Awareness month —  a cause that seems so engrained in our culture and psyches that its hard to imagine a time when awareness for the disease itself was both rare and minimal.

Women can get a referral from their family health care provider or OB/GYN, although a screening mammogram doesnt require it. Most insurance plans cover the procedure as a preventive screening for women age 40 and older. Mammograms typically take only a few minutes for a radiology technologist to take X-ray pictures of each breast. It is quick, and most women feel only a little discomfort as their breast tissue is pressed for the image.

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A lot of our clinics take walk-ins, although it is better to officially schedule your mammogram, said Freer. If youve had prior mammograms at another location, scheduling in advance allows the facility to request those images ahead of time. We can detect subtle changes better and potentially pick up breast cancer easier than if we didnt have those prior exams for comparison, she added.

Video: Breast cancer survivor shares her story to help others

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