Update: River Road reopened to traffic after multi-alarm fire destroys Murray Farm building – Concord Monitor

An early-morning fire destroyed a building containing the power source for Murray Farm Greenhouse in Concord.

All of the citys fire personnel, including those off duty, responded to the scene at 115 River Road around 3:30 a.m. Wednesday morning, after a neighbor across the Contoocook River spotted the fire and called 9-1-1. They arrived to see one building heavily consumed by fire, with the blaze rapidly spreading to other structures.

The main building affected housed the decades-old farms office space and power supply, according to Concord fire Deputy Chief Aaron McIntire, and included a combination of natural gas, oil, electricity and wood chips. Its still too early to say what caused the blaze, he said.

Fire crews were able to keep the fire from spreading to some of the outbuildings and were able to save the residence that was located across a driveway from the outbuildings, although the fire melted the siding on the garage of the home. The first 15 feet of four greenhouses adjacent to the main building affected sustained smoke and fire damage, although the majority of the plants were unharmed.

Now, the business owners must race to get heat and water back to the greenhouses before the cold hurts their spring crop of plants.

Although the Contoocook River is across the street, the steepness of the banks made initially accessing the water difficult, McIntire said. A portable tank operation helped to supply the large amounts of water needed to bring the fire under control.

The blaze was considered under control by around 6 a.m., but McIntire estimated Concord personnel would be at the scene throughout the day, attempting to determine the cause and removing debris from the property.

During the course of the incident, a firefighter from a mutual aid department experienced a non-life-threatening medical emergency at the scene and was transported to Concord Hospital for evaluation and treatment, according to a Concord fire news release.

The Murray family has owned the farm since 1904 and has had a greenhouse operation since 1964, according to their website. According to city records, one of the structures on the property dates to 1789. The main building affected was built in the 1940s.

Multiple mutual aid companies responded to the scene, including: Warner, Bow, Webster, Salisbury, Goffstown, Tilton-Northfield, Epsom, Dunbarton, Pittsfield, Henniker, Belmont, Canterbury, Chichester, Manchester, Sanborton, Boscawen, Hopkinton, Loudon, Pembroke, Franklin, Northwood, Hooksett, and Penacook Rescue.

An early-morning fire destroyed a building containing the power source for Murray Farm Greenhouse in Concord.All of the citys fire personnel…

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