Pepper spray used in youth fight affects about 30 at The Jungle in Concord – East Bay Times

Pepper spray used in youth fight affects about 30 at The Jungle in Concord - East Bay Times

Dozens, Including Children, Treated After Pepper Spray Fight in Concord

A fight that broke out between some young people at an indoor kids amusement center in Concord led to about 30 people being exposed to pepper spray Saturday night, according to police.

Some of those affected were vomiting or complaining of difficulty breathing after coming out of The Jungle amusement center at 1975 Diamond Blvd. in Concord, police said.

At 7:08 p.m., police said they received a call about a fight between 5-10 young males and females at The Jungle in the Willows Shopping Center, and officers were sent to the scene. As officers were on their way, police said additional calls came in about the incident, reporting that pepper spray had been used during the fracas.

Those thought to be involved in the fight had left the area before police arrived, but about 25-30 people, including infants, minors and adults, had been exposed to the spray, police said.

The alleged fighters had left the scene before police arrived.  Police were reviewing surveillance video and talking to patrons who had been at The Jungle Saturday night, and want to speak with anyone else who may have knowledge that can help investigators. Call the Concord Police Department dispatch center at (925) 671-3241 ort its anonymous tip line at (925) 603-5836.

Contra Costa County fire crews treated everyone who was affected at the scene and was released by medical personnel, police said.

The incident was first reported at 7:08 p.m. Saturday at The Jungle, in the Willows Shopping Center in the 1900 block of Diamond Boulevard just east of Interstate Highway 680. The first calls to police were about the fight, according to a Concord Police Department Facebook post; subsequent calls to police described pepper spray being used during the fight.

Police said they are still reviewing surveillance footage and talking to customers who were there when it happened, but said they do not have any suspect information to release currently.

CONCORD (CBS SF) – Approximately 25 to 30 people—infants, children and adults—at a popular indoor play space were sickened Saturday night by pepper spray Concord police believe had been sprayed during a fight involving about five to 10 young people, police said.

Police said anyone with information about this altercation should contact Concord Police dispatch at 925-671-3241, or the anonymous tip line at 925-603-5836.

The two dozen or so people driven out of the play space by the pepper spray experienced vomiting and difficulty breathing, police said. They were treated at the scene by Contra Costa County Fire Protection District paramedics, police said.

Dozens, including children, were treated after someone sprayed pepper spray at indoor amusement center The Jungle in Concord Saturday evening. Sergio Quintana reports.

Dozens, including children, were treated after being exposed to pepper spray at indoor amusement center The Jungle in Concord Saturday evening.

The Concord Police Department responded to the scene at 1975 Diamond Blvd around 7 p.m. about a fight between five to 10 young males and females, police said.

When they arrived, the fight was no longer taking place but they realized a few people had beed sprayed by pepper spray. It is unclear who in the fight sprayed it.

About 30 customers came out of the building, some vomiting and having difficulty breathing, police said.

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