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A Concord man repeatedly released on bail conditions, including following a recent drug raid on Rollins Street, was back in court Tuesday for assaulting three police officers who attempted to arrest him after he twice stood in busy driving lanes downtown.

Christopher Holland, 22, is accused of seriously injuring two Concord police officers and causing minor injuries to a third during a scuffle in the area of North Main Street early Monday morning. Police said they believe Holland was under the influence of drugs, likely methamphetamine, at the time.

Officers attempted to use a Taser to take Holland into custody but said it was ineffective and that he continued to overpower them.

Holland faces three counts of simple assault, one count of resisting arrest and a violation charge of being a pedestrian in a roadway. He was arraigned Tuesday morning in Concords district court where a judge ordered him detained on $10,000 cash bail.

Concord police Lt. Sean Ford said Holland has had numerous run-ins with law enforcement in recent years, including five arrests since Jan. 1. Each time, he was released back into the community on bail conditions that he then violated, Ford said.

Someone who is on methamphetamine is a danger to the community and himself, Ford said. We cant continue to release someone on bail and let them back into the community when there is a clear history. Its far too dangerous and people are getting hurt, including our officers.

Police initially responded to a laundromat on Washington Street at about 6:55 a.m. for a report of a suspicious person who was seen loitering at the business. An officer made contact with Holland, whom city police are familiar with from prior incidents, and issued him a no trespass notice.

When they were explaining that the owner wanted Mr. Holland to leave the area, he started growling at the officer, Ford said. He would not cooperate with the process.

Instead, Holland turned his back and walked away from the conversation. He continued down Washington Street to North State Street, where he crossed the road and stood in front of a line of vehicles waiting to turn, Ford said. He ultimately walked back onto the sidewalk toward North Main Street, where he re-entered the roadway, stood in traffic and refused to move.

An officer attempted to arrest Holland on a violation-level offense for being a pedestrian in a roadway, but he immediately resisted and began throwing punches. By this time, two additional officers had responded to the scene.

Officers Steven Carter and Danika Gorham suffered serious injuries to their extremities and will likely be out of work for an extended period of time, Ford said. Officer Charles McCullough suffered minor injuries and is recovering. 

Weve had several officers out for an extended time in the last year or two due to injuries, including broken bones, they suffered as a direct result of dealing with people who were high on methamphetamine, Ford said. Meth is a stimulant that causes extreme paranoia. They get superhuman strength and very actively resist. Meth can crank people up so much that the normal tactics we use to gain compliance and apprehend them, like a Taser, dont always work.

Earlier this month, police carried out a drug raid at two rooming homes on Rollins Street and arrested Holland on a warrant charging him with breach of bail. Holland was one of 10 people taken into custody during the early-morning hours of April 12.

Concord police have several cases pending against Holland to include charges of receiving stolen property, possession of burglary tools, being a felon in possession of a dangerous weapon, as well as drug-related offenses.

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