PBS documentary on Dayton truthful but not fair, mayor and critics say

PBS documentary on Dayton \truthful\ but not fair, mayor and critics say

What you thought about Frontline portraying Dayton as city left behind

Dayton, Ohio was once a hub for innovation and industry, before businesses shut down or moved away. Then came the Great Recession. In its aftermath, part-time, low-wage work rather than full-time work with benefits has often become the new normal in cities like Dayton. FRONTLINE and ProPublica go inside one American citys struggle to recover.

Dayton was the subject of a Frontline/ProPublica report called Left Behind America that aired Tuesday, Sept. 11, about cities that havent bounced back from the recession.

The Dayton Daily News has been digging into the local economy as part of our initiative, The Path Forward. You can see all of our stories here.

Our focus has been to seek solutions to some of the regions biggest problems, including why the local economy is booming for some people while others are still struggling. Here is how to access our story: How do we make the economy boom for all?

Dayton Daily News Investigative Reporter Josh Sweigart watched the Frontline report and live Tweeted about it and listened to what Dayton residents had to say about it. Heres what he – and you – thought about the show.

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