Two Children Killed, 10 People Hurt in Dayton Crash –

Two Children Killed, 10 People Hurt in Dayton Crash -

At least 2 children dead, 10 people injured after stolen Ohio police car crashes in Dayton

Raymond A. Walters, the suspect in the deadly police cruiser crash and stabbing, is in custody at the Montgomery County Jail, according to jail officials.

A multi-vehicle crash involving a stolen police car Monday night killed two children and hospitalized 10 others in Ohio, according to local reports.   

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Video: 2 kids killed and 10 injured in Ohio crash

At least 2 dead, 10 injured after suspect crashes stolen police cruiser in Dayton

Authorities believe a man stabbed a woman, got into an accident, jumped into a police SUV that responded to the crash and then crashed again, Dayton Police Maj. Eric Henderson told the Dayton Daily News.  

Police took a suspect into custody, the newspaper reported. He is also receiving treatment at a hospital, but his condition was not immediately available.  

Henderson initially said three of the hospitalized had suffered life-threatening injuries, but it was not clear whether that included the two fatalities he later confirmed to the newspaper. Seven of the hospitalized were children, Henderson said.

(700 WLW)- Two are dead, twelve taken to the hospital after an accident in Downtown Dayton last night on East Third involving a stolen Riverside Police SUV Monday night in downtown Dayton. Police confirming early Tuesday morning, the two dead are among the seven kids reported injured in the accident. It started Monday evening when a man stabbed a woman in Dayton and crashing in the nearby town of Riverside. The suspect then jumped into a Riverside police SUV at the accident scene and sped away. The SUV and two other vehicles crashed near the Dayton Metro Library on East Third. The male suspect was taken to the hospital and remains in custody. Police have not released the suspects name

Family members of the two children who died are accepting donations to cover hospital bills and funeral costs on GoFundMe. 

2 children dead, 9 injured after stolen police cruiser crashes outside Dayton library

The incident comes three weeks after a shooter killed nine people and wounded 17 others in the citys Oregon District.

“The officer tased him at point-blank range,” John Poston, who shot cellphone footage of the incident, told CBS News. “The guy still ended up getting in the drivers seat, driving it backward up the street, turning a corner with it. From there, he drove into the other police [vehicle].”  

The accident near Dayton Metro Library involved up to three cars, Henderson said. A van in the crash carried seven children, witness Denorris Hopgood told WHIO-TV.

Another car hit the stolen police SUV in an intersection, witness Tiffany Hamiel told the Daily News. One vehicle then spun around and hit cars parked near the library, she said.  

2 children dead, at least 10 people injured after stabbing suspect crashes stolen police cruiser

I was terrified, Hamiel told the newspaper. There were car parts flying all over the street. 

Twelve minutes before the crash, Henderson said police received a complaint of a stabbing. Between the crash and the stabbing, police said they believe the man was involved in another crash.  

Two children killed after suspect crashes stolen cop car into vehicles

Witness Jonathan Poston told the newspaper he saw a man running back and forth in the street near wrecked vehicles. When a responding Riverside police officer got out of his SUV, Poston said the man jumped into the passenger side and locked the doors.  

The officer then unlocked the doors and tased the suspect, Poston said, but the suspect fought with the officer and sped away. Another police vehicle chased him but failed to stop him, Poston told the newspaper.  

Two children killed when stolen police cruiser crashes into their car outside of an Ohio library

Ive never seen anybody get tased and not fall down immediately, let alone fight back with a police officer and take his vehicle, Poston said.  

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