Watch Robert Downey Jr. Wrap On Avengers: Endgame – Cinema Blend

Watch Robert Downey Jr. Wrap On Avengers: Endgame - Cinema Blend

Is Marvel Going to Introduce the Real Version of THAT Iron Man 3 Villain?

If the conclusion of Avengers: Endgame had us all kinds of emotional, imagine how the cast felt experiencing these scenes firsthand and saying their goodbyes to an end of an era. Thats especially the case with Robert Downey Jr. He kicked off this whole saga eleven years ago with Iron Man and was able to explore Tony Stark in nine other appearances in Marvel films right up to the end.

Though he doesnt find the words to express it, RDJ took to Instagram to be a bit sentimental and share the day he wrapped his Iron Man role for Endgame. Check it out below:

That was back in 2008 when Swift was 18 and told DeGeneres she would find the right guy eventually, adding, “When I look at that person, Im not even going to remember the boy who broke up with me over the phone in 25 seconds when I was 18.”

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“Iron Man 3” featured one of the oldest villains from Marvel comics, only to completely subvert expectations with the hilarious reveal that he was actually a fraud. But according to Marvel boss Kevin Feige, the real thing might soon be coming to the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

We’re talking of course about The Mandarin. Created by Stan Lee and Don Heck back in 1964 in “Tales of Suspense,” in the comics he’s a descendant of Genghis Khan and a member of one of pre-communist China’s richest families. Raised from birth to be an amazing warrior and scientist, he creates 10 rings made from re-purposed alien technology that give him superpowers. Naturally, he wants to take over the world, and Iron Man is one of his biggest obstacles to achieving that goal.

“There were some fans who thought I had something to do with Avengers: Endgame,” Swift said. “Which I would have loved to have been asked, but I wasnt asked to be in it at all.”

In the movies, things are of course completely different. Ten Rings is the name of a terrorist organization, not magical jewelry. They’re first seen in “Iron Man” as the group that kidnaps Tony Stark. They appear to return in “Iron Man 3,” led this time by a mysterious figure called The Mandarin (played by Ben Kingsley), who takes credit for a series of terrorist bombings.

However, it’s revealed late in the film that The Mandarin is actually a drug-addled actor named Trevor Slattery, hired by the film’s true villain as a distraction from the actual villainous plan. That would appear to be that –except Marvel had one more twist up its sleeve. In a short included on the “Thor: The Dark World” home video release called “All Hail the King,” we catch up with Slattery, who was sent to prison for his actions, where he learns there really is a Mandarin, and that he is not happy to have been impersonated.

User u/GentlemanGearGrinder landed the biggest scoop when he asked Feige about his plans of including The Ten Rings terrorist organization and The Mandarin as seen in the 2013 One-Shot All Hail The King in the future. Feige responded with a simple “Yes” that sent fandom into a tizzy. For those out of the loop, The Mandarin was supposed to be the main villain in Iron Man 3 until Marvel pulled out a twist and circumvented the traditional foe from the comics. They however, revealed the real Mandarin as being alive and even resembling Ben Kingsley’s Trevor Slattery in looks. That Marvel has plans for them down the line is huge and speculation is rife that they could either appear in a Disney+ series or perhaps in the upcoming action movie Shang-Chi.

Skip ahead to today, where in a Reddit AMA Wednesday morning, a fan asked Feige: “Are there any plans to incorporate the Ten Rings from the first ‘Iron Man,’ or the ‘real’ Mandarin teased in ‘All Hail the King’ in the future?”

Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige was gracious enough to take time off his busy schedule and do an AMA on Reddit (technically, it was an AMAA). He responded to quite a lot of fan questions and while he did not intend to give out any spoilers or hints at the future of the MCU, some answers reveal interesting tidbits that confirm lingering theories while also suggest things that we may have in store for the future.

Now, note that the Marvel Studios president gave a single “yes” to a question with two parts, so we can’t say for sure if he means Marvel has plans for either the Ten Rings or The Mandarin, or both. We’ll leave it to you to speculate.

Check out the Reddit AMA thread through the source link below. It’s great that Feige came onboard to interact with fans; the MCU has largely been for the fans and this was a great way of Marvel showcasing their respect for the community. And let me know if you got a chance to ask Feige a question in the comments below.

But we will add this: We’re huge fans of the Trevor Slattery twist, so here’s hoping if Marvel introduces the real Mandarin, it brings back Kingsley, too.

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