Illinois Cops Sport Pink For Breast Cancer Awareness

Illinois Cops Sport Pink For Breast Cancer Awareness

What Does A Lump In Your Breast Feel Like? Heres What To Look For

Rita Wilson recently opened up about her journey with breast cancer on TODAY — and for our One Small Thing series, she shared a special message for other women whove been diagnosed with the disease.

“One thing that I would say to someone whos just been diagnosed with breast cancer is to still try to find the moments in your day that give you joy and give you happiness, because theres still time to laugh, and life is going on,” she said. “Try to stay focused on some of the good things that are happening too.”

Rita Wilson shares message for women diagnosed with breast cancerOct.09.201801:48The actress, producer and singer also revealed that she used mindfulness meditation to relieve stress during her treatment, which involved a double mastectomy and reconstructive surgery in 2015.

While mammograms are important when it comes to detecting and preventing breast cancer, breast self-exams can be equally as crucial. According to the National Breast Cancer Foundation, people should self-examine their breasts at least once a month. These exams have been clinically proven to be life-saving: a 2003 study conducted by the National Health Interview Survey found that 25 percent of breast cancer survivors detected breast cancer themselves by self-examination.

“I found that very, very helpful,” she said. “I had anxiety, as one does — but I also found great solace in music. And that could absolutely change your mood, and put you in a good space, and distract you.”

Unfortunately, according to Dr. Gupta, theres really no prior symptoms of a lump in your breast, other than, well, feeling it yourself. "When the lump is a little deeper as it usually is, women do not feel anything outwardly. That being said, if the lump has become advanced or is closer to the skin, then it may present as dimpling or puckering of the skin above the lump area. Sometimes, women may feel that breast is heavier or bigger," Dr. Gupta says.

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“One of the nicest things that my family did for me after I had been diagnosed and after my surgery was, my brother came in and cooked me amazing meals,” she said. “He happens to be a chef. Like, hey, can you go wrong with that? And some girlfriends of mine came in and stayed with me for a good chunk of time and made me laugh. So make sure you surround yourself with your friends and family that make you laugh, cause thats important and its very healing. And just being surrounded by people that love you and are there for you.”

Rita Wilson opens up about breast cancer diagnosis and anxietyOct.01.201805:21Wilson and husband Tom Hanks celebrated their 30th wedding anniversary earlier this year. Whats the key to their long-lasting relationship?

If youre not sure how to do a breast self-examination, Dr. Gupta says the best time of the month to self-examine your breasts is during your period. Youll want to examine with the flat of your hand, and move clock-wise on the breast while keeping your hand flat and applying slight pressure. Dr. Gupta also advises holding the side of your breast that you are examining upwards, and then repeat the process once you get to the other side.

“I think the secret to any long-term marriage is probably a level of honesty and trust, and being able to laugh,” she said. “Find those moments that you make you laugh and remember those.”

Wilson also just marked the launch of her new album, “Bigger Picture,” which she describes as a “musical scrapbook.”

“Ive gone back into my life and tried to find out, as we all have, I think, who we were, how did we start out, and where did we end up?” she said. “And is there any way that you can connect all those dots?”

Im honored to be one of 11 ambassadors in our community spreading the word that although breast cancer is a disease that mainly strikes women, it affects all of us.

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