Mobile homes catch fire in Eugene

EUGENE, Ore. — Firefighters responded to reports of a mobile home fire at 4900 Royal Avenue Thursday morning. 

The fire broke out around 4 a.m. near the Beltline at the Royal Oaks Mobile Park in the Bethel area. The fire burned dangerously close to homes and caused significant damage to two homes, making them unlivable. 

Officials said no one was injured. The Red Cross was on scene to help the families affected. 

A resident whose home was damaged said he woke up to the fire. He said he was happy that everyone made it out safely.

Fire officials said after Wednesdays active shooter situation, there was a heightened concern. They said they were cautious and vigilant to those around the scene while they were working. 

MILWAUKIE, Ore. – Crews from Clackamas Fire responded to a mobile home fire in Milwaukie early Thursday morning.

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