Sheyenne River still rising, Red in Fargo expected to reach high point Sunday – KFGO News

FARGO (KFGO) – Overland flooding around Harwood north of West Fargo is expected to intensify this weekend.

The Sheyenne River should go beyond major flood stage Saturday. The county has told people living in the area to make final flood preparations now. Sandbags should be placed, and generators and pumps should have fuel.

All Minnesota and North Dakota tributaries and the Red River will continue their rises through the weekend. The Maple and Sheyenne rivers in Cass County continue to be ice-impacted, but warmer temperatures will help break up the ice through the weekend, according to the weather service.

The Cass County Flood Hotline is staffed at 241-8000. The sheriffs office has also opened its technical operations center.

In Fargo, the Red River is expected to crest at about 35-ft. Sunday and remain at or near that level into Tuesday before it begins to drop.

Cass County, N.D.– National Weather Service river level forecasts now predict overland flooding in the Harwood area will increase steadily between now and Sunday morning, April 7th.

Entities represented at the TOC include: the sheriffs office; the North Dakota Highway Patrol; Cass County Emergency Management; the Cass County Highway Department; and the North Dakota National Guard. The TOC will operate 24 hours a day until further notice.

As of 6:15 a.m. Friday, April 5th, the Sheyenne River gage at Harwood was observed at 88.22 ft. The Sheyenne River at Harwood is expected to exceed 91 feet by Saturday morning. 91 feet is designated Major Flood Stage.

At this river level, many areas both north and south of Harwood will be impacted by overland flooding. Residents in these areas are urged to make final preparations now. This includes placing sandbags, fueling generators and pumps, and otherwise taking precautions to protect property.

At Cass County's request, the National Guard is deploying a quick-response force of up to 10 soldiers, as well as trucks for hauling sandbags and a vehicle for evacuation and rescue for emergency calls, if needed, starting Saturday through April 14.

Additional Cass County Sheriffs Deputies, Engineering staff and additional resources will be in Harwood today and over the weekend.

Cass County sheriffs deputies, engineering staff and additional resources will be in Harwood Friday and over the weekend. More information is available on the "2019 Flood Information" tab at

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