Family members and hundreds of fans welcome Tom Petty Park

Family members and hundreds of fans welcome \Tom Petty Park\

VIDEO: Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers Rock The Halftime Show

In the pantheon of American rock stars, Petty set himself apart by somehow writing songs that were straight-forward, almost minimalist and subtle, but at the same time were incredibly profound.

Whether you were a rebel without a clue or working on a mystery and goin wherever it leads, many of us can recall a moment listening to a song (or two…or ten) Petty wrote and thinking, Now, he gets it.

Those connections to fans and those feelings are probably why Petty and the Heartbreakers performance at the Super Bowl XLII Halftime Show resonates the way it does. You had an American band delivering American songs during the most uniquely American event of the year.

Gainesville has a new park named after Tom Petty

In honor of rock icon Tom Pettys passing we look back at his Super Bowl 42 Halftime Show in 2008. RIP Tom Petty. 0:15 – American Girl 3:29 – I Wont Back Down 5:54 – Free Fallin 9:19 – Runnin Down a Dream

The park where the former heartbreakers frontman played as a kid in Gainesville is now named after him. Northeast Park is now called the Tom Petty Park.

Petty fans from the West to East Coast came to celebrate the rock stars legacy with his family and friends.

“Were sad to know we are not going to hear new music,” said Linda Blinger from New Jersey, “but the memories that we have are just awesome and it was great growing up with him.

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