RJ Hampton Reclassifies; Whats Next? – A Sea Of Blue

RJ Hampton Reclassifies; Whats Next? - A Sea Of Blue

Hampton, No. 4 recruit in 20, reclassifies to 19

Share Share Wednesday Quickies: RJ Hampton Reclassification Edition tweet share Reddit Pocket Flipboard Email Kentucky is in the hunt for one of the best high school basketball players in the country, but hes planning to enroll in college a year earlier than originally thought.

Kentucky has been after RJ Hampton for a while, but amidst a heavy amount of rumors that have been swirling, Hampton announced he would be making the jump from the Class of 2020 to the Class of 2019.

2] KU goes on probation, who we got is all we got and Dok will have to stay healthy and try to shoot at least 50% from the foul line, Devon will listen to the NBA and improve his distribution, shooting and avoid driving into trouble, Marcus must find a shot he can make consistently, Ochai must dig deep into his potential, ditto for David, Mitch must maintain his heart of a line and continue to be a “wall” at the hoop, Silvio somehow escaping Stalag NCAA would be amazing and the two new kids better learn defense and three point shooting in a hurry.

Five-star guard RJ Hampton to reclassify to 2019

In the process, he cut his list to four schools, knocking Duke out in the process (a team that was once thought to be the leader) and replaced them with in-state Texas Tech.

By the way, if you are a dad, you might want to rethink dropping your kid off with a guy who was convicted with a DUI a few years ago and failed to tell his boss or anyone else at the university. But, then again, this is your one shining moment, so whatever it takes to get quoted. Call Lavarr, hel help you through this. Big Baller Brand!

Kentucky remained on the list, although Duke point guard Tre Jones returning to school apparently factored into Hamptons decision to eliminate them from contention. That is interesting because Kentucky brings back guards Ashton Hagans and Immanuel Quickley next year, while also bringing in Tyrese Maxey.

I have zero faith in him picking KU…with the hype Texas Tech has and the lure of the new cool kid at Memphis (Penny) combined with the FBI black cloud, KU really isnt in the race to land him..hope Im wrong but weve seen them miss on EVERY top recruit theyve went after..dont see why this would be the exception

On the surface, it doesnt seem good for Kentuckys chances if the returning backcourt will be a factor in Hamptons decision, but his dad said he likes how coach John Calipari has handled multi-guard lineups in the past.

Of course, Calipari utilized a three-guard lineup with Tyler Ulis, Jamal Murray and Isaiah Briscoe, as well as the following year with Briscoe, DeAaron Fox and Malik Monk. Its not hard to see a lineup where Hampton plays alongside some combination of Hagans, Maxey and Quickley.

I would feel very, very comfortable dropping R.J. off at Kansas right now with Jerrance Howard and the coaching staff at Kansas. I would have no problem at all and would feel very comfortable with R.J. playing at Kansas with Jerrance and the staff. We are definitely comfortable with the coaching staff.

Hampton is planning a visit to Lexington soon, and the coaching staff will pitch their idea of how to play him alongside the other talented guards and put him in a position to be a lottery pick the following year. Its kind of a crazy scenario, but if anyone can do it, Cal would be the one.

With the news of highly acclaimed guard R.J. Hampton reclassifying to join the Class of 2019, KU basketball beat writer and Journal-World sports editor Matt Tait is joined by Benton Smith to discuss this development and various other factors that will determine what KUs roster could look like next season.

Memphis, Kansas, and Texas Tech are the other options, all of which have a much more obvious opening for Hampton to come into.

One more note on RJ Hampton. Those that say UK has enough guards has quickly forgot guard play struggled in the final two games. Wouldve been nice to have too much then. If RJ chooses Kentucky, youd see some three-guard looks with Hagans, Maxey, and RJ. Just a thought.

Hampton is considered to be one of the best prep guards in a number of years, KUsports.com recruiting insider Matt Scott said Tuesday. Although hes a natural scorer, he can play either guard position and has a number of elite skills that make him an attractive option for any roster.

RJ Hamptons father says his son can play with other talented guards if he chose to go to Kentucky.

If Kentucky can land Hampton, theyll bring in one of the elite talents they have missed on recently.

4] I am not going to indict or defend Bill Self because I think every elite program and most of those that arent elite are all on the take or are in cahoots with, in one form or another, shoe companies, boosters, agents, parents, guardians etc.

Kentucky high school basketball will be without its two winningest active coaches next season – Herald Leader

The programs involved with Hampton and his family have been recruiting him for a while. But it was only recently — and officially Tuesday — that they began to believe adding him to their roster was possible for the 2019-20 season.

Edit Slot to 247Sports Home Slot to Hoops Recruiting on 247Sports Newsletter Slot to College Basketball Recruiting Links Five-star guard RJ Hampton is reclassifying to the 2019 class and is considering four schools, his father Rod Hampton told 247Sports.

Hampton told Rivals recruiting analyst Corey Evans that he was in the process of deciding which of the four he wants to visit in the months ahead and that a decision about his future would likely come sometime in July.

“Just his play at USA and not from what everyone else said, but it was my feeling as his dad,” Hampton said. “His play at USA and this weekend [at EYBL], it was stellar. You got bonafide pros in that league. In 24 months, 36 months you have bonafide pros from 2020 to 2022.”

Ive been away from the comments section for a while… at what point did Brett McCabe turn against the team and when did Jay Scott become the voice of reason on here? What weird, alternate reality is this!?!?!?

“We talked about it before this weekend and then on the plane on the way back, and he said he didn’t have anything left for high school,” he added.

Hamptons decision, which had been hinted at for the past several weeks, significantly impacts the recruiting scene in 2019. Its not that often that a top 5 talent becomes available this late in the game.

Hampton, a 6-foot-5 combination guard out of Little Elm (Tex.) High, has been contemplating this move for the past year. His play at EYBL this past weekend, helped solidify the move. Hampton was second in scoring during the league, averaging 28.8 points a game.

“He was a shining star,” he added. “There was nobody that was better than him. He held his own. I just felt like if he was going than he needed to do it.”

The only reason I am not 100% against OAD, is because of Josh Jackson. There was never a player that came to play as a freshman like he did. He was every bit as good as his billing.

Now Hampton’s attention turns to which college he wants to attend in the fall. His list, according to his father, currently sits at four.

When talking with reporters in Atlanta over the weekend, Hamptons father, Rod Hampton, also made it crystal clear that he and his family have a strong connection with Kansas.

“It’s going to be Kentucky, Kansas, Memphis and we took off Duke and added Texas Tech,” the elder Hampton told 247Sports.

After trimming his list to a final four of Duke, Kansas, Kentucky and Memphis a few weeks ago, Hampton cut one of his finalists on Tuesday and added a new program to the list.

“Beard is one of the great minds and he what he’s done with less, and I’m thinking what can he do if he gets more,” he added. “Beard was the first to call him when they could call juniors at midnight.”

Hampton has already taken official visits to Memphis (Sept. 13), Kentucky (Oct. 12) and Kansas (Dec. 14). He’s yet to schedule any new visits.

Hampton was ranked No. 5 overall in the 247Sports Composite Rankings and No. 7 in the Top247 in the 2020 class. 

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