Hampton V.A. Medical Center building evacuated for chemical order – 13newsnow.com WVEC

Hampton V.A. Medical Center building evacuated for chemical order - 13newsnow.com WVEC

Urine samples pungent smell caused Hampton VA Medical Center evacuation

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A building at a veterans hospital in Virginia was evacuated on Wednesday after an "unknown chemical odor" – that later turned out to be urine – panicked officials.

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Virginia VA hospital evacuated for unknown chemical odor that turns out to be urine sample

Around 2:30 p.m., the Hampton VA Medical Center's mental health building was cleared due to the smell. Soon after, the local fire department and their hazmat team were responding to the situation.

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The overwhelming stench of a vets urine sample forced the evacuation of a VA hospital in Virginia

The Hampton VA Medical Center in Hampton, Va., was evacuated on Wednesday after an "unknown chemical odor" was smelled in the facility.

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The facility's air quality was being tested, and two members of hospital staff who "came into contact with the substance" were placed under medical observation, according to a Facebook post from the facility.

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It turns out the "unknown chemical odor" was urine. A spokesperson for the hospital told WTKR that the "pungent, overwhelming" stench was from a sample.

It was so strong that a Hampton police HAZMAT team was called, streets were blocked off, and at least two people who came in contact with the urine had to be “assessed” at a nearby hospital, said the newspaper.

"We are looking into this matter, and we are concerned for our employees' and veterans' safety," spokesperson John Rogers said.

The “overwhelming” odor that prompted a Veterans Administration health center in Virginia to be evacuated Wednesday afternoon turned out to just be a very pungent sample of urine, reports the Daily Press.

The building was given an all-clear around 6:45 p.m. on Wednesday, and the building was scheduled to open again 7 a.m. Thursday.

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