Chiara Ferragni Has Hollywood Ambitions

Chiara Ferragni Has Hollywood Ambitions

Chiara Ferragni, Face of Pomellato, Inaugurates Beverly Hills Boutique

Italy may not have its own royal family, but social media influencer Chiara Ferragni, with her 14 million Instagram followers, might as well be a princess.

When the fashion darling got married in Dior on Sept. 1, her long-sleeve, high-neck crochet gown with tulle skirt designed by Maria Grazia Chiuri was as influential if not more than Meghan Markle’s Givenchy, racking up $5.6 million in media value for the luxury brand through 67 million social interactions and online press, according to online data firm Launchmetrics.  

Now that the Milan native is settling into married life with Italian rapper Federico Lucia, or Fedez as he’s known, she’s setting her sights on Hollywood she told THR at the opening of the new Pomellato jewelry boutique on Rodeo Drive Tuesday night. (The influencer is an ambassador for the brand and was decked out in its modernist jewels.)

“If the right thing came along at the right time, it would be nice to have a show,” said Ferragni, wearing a feathery pouf of a dress by Attico, and very much epitomizing L.A.’s new celebrity social media class. “I don’t want to be an actress, but it would be nice to have the chance to work in entertainment.” She and Lucia own a house in L.A. and consider it a second home. Ferragni gave birth to a baby boy, Leone, here in March.

During her trip this week, she also has a documentary film crew in tow. They’ve been filming her life for 2 months, including her Coachella-themed wedding at Dimora delle Balze, just outside of Noto. It was a non-religious, open-air ceremony, which the pair documented on social media using the hashtag #theFerragnez.

With a budget of reportedly 400,000 euros, the film is being produced in partnership with undisclosed international investors, with speculation that there could be interest from Netflix and HBO, according to Women’s Wear Daily.

Ferragni and Fedez are adept at working media of all sorts. They were engaged live on Italian radio and TV, after Fedez (who has 6 million Instagram followers of his own) proposed during one of his concerts on Ferragni’s 30th birthday. A video she posted of their wedding day on Instagram has been viewed more than 7 million times.

View this post on Instagram                   I cry everytime I see this Wedding of my dreams @fedez

“We already have a child together, but it’s more romantic now, the whole ceremony made us more connected,” the influencer said Tuesday, praising Grazia Chiuri for creating not one but four wedding looks for her big day and night. “I wanted a woman and an Italian,” she said of the designer. “She’s very authentic and honest.”

The couple’s rings were designed with the help of Pomellato, one of several brands Ferragni has worked with over the years, including Pantone, BMW and Lancome. “I grew up in Milan and it’s such an iconic brand that is part of my history. My mother wore it.” The influencer also has her own branded collections of Chiara Ferragni clothing and accessories.

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Her life may sound like a fairytale, but Ferragni insists that the documentary she is making is “super real,” adding, “It’s a simple story about a girl interested in fashion and sharing it with others. But I feel like I need to show people all of my life, because that’s what social media is about, too.”

“Yesterday, my child had a very simple procedure at Children’s Hospital to put tubes in his ears. I wondered if we should include it and I said, 'why not?' So many people are going to be in the same situation.” It's Ferragni, glam blogger, worried mom and all.

WWD: Why did you sign on as the face of Pomellato’s campaign? Chiara Ferragni: I love Pomellato, I remember my mom always wearing their jewels so I grew up with the brand. It’s Italian, from Milano, so it really spoke to me.

WWD: How was the shoot? C.F.: We shot in December with Peter Lindbergh in Paris and I was six-and-a-half, seven months pregnant at the time, but we cropped all the photos. It was insane. I had never shot with him before and everything was perfect. We shot everything with natural light and it was so amazing, it didn’t need to be retouched. I loved the styling, I felt it was accessorized in the way I would do it, so it was very personalized.

WWD: A lot has happened since your last visit to L.A. C.F.: The last time I was in L.A. was in April [for the Attico party] and I had just had my baby. My life has changed so much in 2018: I had my first baby, I got married, and I am the chief executive officer of The Blonde Salad, and I recently became the ceo of Chiara Ferragni Collections as well. Between the two companies we are more than 25 people now. We have some news coming up, and we are also filming a documentary.

WWD: Tell us more about the documentary. C.F.: It’s going to be out in about a year. It’s been filming since my wedding [in August], so it’s been a few months now. We are shooting in Milan, L.A., New York for the next month. It’s going to be a good way to show how much social media has changed the whole fashion world and how I’m creating a business out of that.

WWD: Who’s directing it? C.F.: The director is an Italian woman, Elisa Amoruso. She’s done a lot of documentaries from the woman’s point of view, and she can really understand all my gestures and what I’m saying all the time. The director of photography is also a woman, so it’s a great team.

WWD: What is your dream for your brand? C.F.: I really want Chiara Ferragni to become a really big brand. We already have stores in Milan and we recently opened in Paris and China. My dream is to have my stores everywhere.

I also want to continue to work with other brands and the idea is that it won’t just be the say of the brand, but the goal is we can decide together what we create and what types of project really work for my audience. I think that’s the best way and the brands that we work with are really interested in that style.

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