Doris Day Dead: Hollywood Pays Tribute to Late Actress – Hollywood Reporter

Doris Day Dead: Hollywood Pays Tribute to Late Actress - Hollywood Reporter

Doris Day wont be having a funeral: Heres why

Doris Day, the perennial girl-next-door whose career as a singer and actress spanned almost 50 years and made her one of the biggest box Hollywood stars and most popular entertainers in the United States has died.

Doris Day, one of the most famous stars to come out of Hollywood, left it all behind in 1973 — and she never looked back.

The perennial girl-next-door whose career as a singer and actress spanned almost 50 years and made her one of the most popular entertainers in the United States passed away early Monday at 97.

Though the Que Será, Será singer made a name for herself with her blonde hair and wholesome on-screen persona, she spent decades devoting herself to the betterment of animal welfare.

But what prompted America’s sweetheart to ditch the spotlight in her early 50s? Day herself once gave an explanation in a 2011 interview with People magazine.

Share Jami Ganz May 14th 2019 3:57PM In the wake of Doris Days death, the legendary actress and singer was remembered for decades-long animal activism.

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“I really loved being there, but then I started to notice that it was changing,” Day recalled about Hollywood. “It really started to change, and, oh, people were moving away because strangers from foreign countries were all over on the street and tearing the beautiful houses down and putting up boxes. I really wasn’t happy about that at all. Wasn’t the town I knew.”

Day spearheaded more formal efforts, beginning in 1971 when she co-founded Actors and Others for Animals.

Doris Day, Rock Hudson, and the Queering of the Romantic Comedy

At the time, Day admitted that she hadn’t “thought much about” a Hollywood comeback. However, she didn’t completely rule out the possibility.

“But I wonder if I would, you never know,” she said. “You never know about me, and I never know about me! If I hadn’t stayed in LA, I might play a grandmother in a movie, who knows.”

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In this Jan. 6, 1976 file photo, actress and singer Doris Day answers questions in New York, during an interview on the book "Doris Day: Her Own Story," written by A.E. Hotchner. The star spent her final years dedicating her life to animals in need. (AP)

Im devastated 😢😢😢 – Doris Day, whose wholesome screen presence stood for a time of innocence in 60s films, has died. She was 97 years old. The Doris Day Animal Foundation confirmed Day died early Monday at her Carmel Valley, Calif., home, the Associated Press reported. The foundation said in an emailed statement she was surrounded by close friends and had been in excellent physical health for her age, until recently contracting a serious case of pneumonia. #dorisday #oldhollywood

According to the outlet, Day instead chose to focus on her love of animals and became a tireless activist, ultimately leading her to establish the Doris Day Animal Foundation in 1978.

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And when Day was asked what life has taught her over the years, she shared, “To live it to the fullest, your best.”

“Live it, and have fun, enjoy each day,” she continued. “You know, it’s not coming back again and enjoy each day. I’m looking out and the sun is shining and it’s so pretty in the garden, what’s not to love?”

“I feel that I have lost a friend today. All those movies and music that gave me so much pleasure. Thank You Doris for memories that I will cherish always.” — Harlow20

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Back in 2017, Day’s business manager and close friend Bob Bashara told Fox News that Day stayed busy pursuing her lifelong passion.

Well Ive always loved animals but then when I was traveling with bands I certainly couldnt have a pet, because I would have to leave it in a hotel room and I wouldnt trust it there, Day said. One of the housemaids coming in, the door would open, my dog could get out the door. There was no way! I tried to figure it out but there was no way I could have a doggie.

“When she left Los Angeles, she moved to Carmel. The main reason was she wanted to focus on animal rescue,” Bashara told Fox News. “She was already rescuing animals in Beverly Hills.

I really loved being there, but then I started to notice that it was changing, Day said of Hollywood. It really started to change, and, oh, people were moving away because strangers from foreign countries were all over on the street and tearing the beautiful houses down and putting up boxes.

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"They called her the Dog Catcher of Beverly Hills because she’d be on her bike riding around Beverly Hills and if she saw a stray, she would try to find it a home. And if she couldn’t, she’d take it home and get it rehabilitated. But she would keep it herself a lot of times. But she really couldn’t do what she wanted to do concerning animal welfare in Beverly Hills.”

She continued, The minute I gave up band singing and went into a film in Los Angeles, I had a dog within two days! A big beautiful black poodle. And then I had another poodle, a girl, to go with him. And from then on I had a lot more, but dont tell anyone. My secret!

Bashara claimed those who knew Day best wouldn’t be surprised by her decision. In fact, Day’s determination to rescue animals started long before she found fame.

Day was also known for her popular TV program, The Doris Day Show, which premiered in 1968 and ran until 1973. By the end of that year, she largely retired from acting but completed two TV specials: The Doris Mary Anne Kappelhoff Special (1971) and Doris Day Today (1975).

Reactions to the death of Doris Day

“She found a piece of property in Carmel Valley and she found a home there that she renovated and restructured to a facility where she could house animals,” said Bashara at the time. “She was out picking up animals, people were leaving them at the door. If an animal needed to be adopted, she would go to the homes first and made sure it was a good environment for the animal before she would let the people have it.”

Doris Day, actress who honed wholesome image, dies at 97

After the star launched the Doris Day Pet Foundation, she then formed the non-profit organization Doris Day Animal League to tackle animal overpopulation. Bashara said it’s still in operation today and has merged with the Humane Society of the United States.

“She lives in California on the same property,” he said. “She can’t really go out and rescue animals. But people still leave them on the doorsteps. Or if a feral cat wanders on the property, she’s bound to take it in and care for it. Someone even left an animal outside her gate in a box because they knew she would care for it. She still looks for organizations that her foundation can give money to and rescue animals.”

In this Feb. 26, 1958 file photo, actress Doris Day, center, Tony Curtis, right, and Buddy Adler pose with their awards presented to them by the Hollywood Foreign Press Association at its annual awards dinner in the Cocoanut Grove in Los Angeles. — AP

Over the years, Day was asked to come out of retirement and scripts came her way. And while she was not interested in returning to the spotlight, Day didn’t completely give up on her love for music.

“She loves singing,” Bashara said at the time. “She sings around the house a lot and her voice is terrific. We keep telling her she could record again if she wanted to. But she’ll say, ‘Oh, I’m rusty.”

But despite her lasting success, Day was perfectly content focusing on rescuing animals and had zero plans to slow down.

“She’s said this before… she never really wanted to be a movie star,” said Bashara. “She wanted to get married, have a family… She loves living the simple life. I don’t think she was ever really interested in the celebrity side of it. She wanted to work with animals and she wanted to do that in a more private setting.”

Doris Days Fabulous Life in Pictures

Share Gibson Johns, May 14th 2019 9:21AM There wont be a funeral for Doris Day — and thats exactly how she wouldve wanted it.

The legendary Hollywood actress, who passed away at the age of 97 on Monday, “had difficulty accepting death” and, thus, there will be “no funeral, no memorial and no [grave] marker” for her, longtime manager Bob Bashara told People.

“She didnt like death, and she couldnt be with her animals if they had to be put down,” Bashara explained, adding that she didnt “like to talk about” any plans that were to be made following her passing.

“I think it was because she was a very shy person,” Bashara said when asked why she didnt want a funeral. “She never let her celebrity affect her and who she was, and she was always the little girl from Cincinnati who was extraordinarily talented and went out in the world and did what she loved to do despite herself.”

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