Paris Jackson Responds to Criticism of Her Marijuana Use – Papermag

Paris Jackson Responds to Criticism of Her Marijuana Use - Papermag

Paris Jackson Hits Back After Troll Calls Her Degenerate and Says Dad Would Be Ashamed of Drug Use

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Paris Jackson schooled one of her followers on her marijuana use early Tuesday morning, after they labeled her a "degenerate" for opening up about cannabis on social media.

What started out as an innocent tweet about her love of "spaghetti grilled cheese sandwiches" turned into a lengthy back and forth with her followers about using marijuana for anxiety and depression.

After Paris was asked how she came up with that guilty pleasure sandwich, she replied "m a r i j u a n a," prompting one of her followers to respond: "Druggie. I bet you do meth too. Your dad must be ashamed of you. Degenerate."

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"Because an organic medicinal plant from mother earth with dozens of healing properties that is legal where I live and used to help suffering people around the world = meth," she said, retweeting the trolls comment.

In another tweet, she added, "instead of taking poisonous addictive pharmaceuticals, this incredible medicine from the earth has been prescribed to me to help with my depression, anxiety, ptsd, and insomnia."

"Yeah, cuz anxiety and depression is so cool these days," one follower wrote. "But Im curious tho what kind of PTSD do you have? Not knowing what to do and how to spend daddys money?"

"I wasnt saying it was cool. I was explaining why I need it," Paris replied. "Mental illness is a very heavy thing that needs to be taken seriously. and for the record I have 3 jobs, I take care of myself. Dont be a dick."

Another follower said her doctor "is never helping you" by prescribing cannabis, adding, "Your great father has seen worse and he never compromise to anything but his strong will."

"He actually didnt have a problem with it. I didnt when i was younger obvs but I really doubt he would have a problem with me doing it now, especially as an adult," Paris replied. "A very good dr prescribed it to me and it has helped me with my mental issues a lot, including helping me find peace."

In response to yet another follower who said they used to smoke every day, but felt much better after stopping, Jackson said marijuana isnt recreational for her.

"Well doing it every day dude is clearly an issue. I dont do it as soon as I wake up unless its a rare occasion," she explained. "I dont do it when I work and I dont do it when I drive. Its medicine to me and not an every day thing. Even tho its not addictive it sounds like u were abusing it."

"20% of the population deal with some of the things I listed," she told her followers. "I think its good for people that follow me to know theyre not alone, and for those that have a mannequin perception of celebrities to know that I too am human."

"The media is exaggerating per usual.. yes Ive taken a break from work and social media and my phone because it can be too much sometimes, and everyone deserves a break," she said at the time, "but I am happy and healthy and feeling better than ever."

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