Kent students union bans cowboy fancy dress costumes and sombreros

Kent students\ union bans cowboy fancy dress costumes and sombreros

Unforgiven: Kent University students have banned fancy dress cowboy outfits

Fancy dress parties are fast becoming a minefield for students, with the archetypal cowboy outfit the latest to be deemed offensive.

The University of Kents student union has included cattle ranchers and wranglers, with their Stetsons, jeans and boots, in a long list of unacceptable costumes.

The union said: “Students are free to engage in fancy dress whilst ensuring they abide by the Fancy Dress Guidelines which include being offensive, discriminatory to an individuals race, gender, disability or sexual orientation or based on stereotypes.”

Unacceptable cowboy costumes banned by university students

Other banned outfits include the Crusades, Nazi uniform, priests and nuns, Native Americans, IS bomber, Israeli soldier and the Prophet Mohammed (peace be upon him). Also frowned upon are a Mexican sombrero, Harvey Weinstein, Jimmy Savile and Caitlyn Jenner, the transsexual television personality.

If that list left students a little stumped over who to dress as, there is some guidance in the fancy dress guidelines: cave people, aliens, the United Nations, Ancient Greeks and Romans are all fine.

As well as Wild West clothing, the politically correct union listed dozens of get-ups now deemed “inappropriate”, including native American clothes plus priest and nun gear.

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Kent Universitys Student Union has drawn up guidelines against “offensive” comedy outfits over fears they may “affect peoples right to a safe space” and cause distress.

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They have now unveiled a list of at,themes they deem acceptable, including: “medieval village, cave people, aliens, the United Nations, ANCIENT Greeks and Romans”.

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