Officers make 23 arrests in East Lansing after Michigan States loss to Texas Tech – Lansing State Journal

Officers make 23 arrests in East Lansing after Michigan State\s loss to Texas Tech - Lansing State Journal

Hundreds hit streets to mourn Michigan State Final Four loss

EAST LANSING, MI — More than 1,200 Michigan State University students gathered off campus on Saturday night, upset over the basketball teams loss to Texas Tech in the Final Four.

The mood was somber as students gathered in Cedar Village, a residential community west of campus. Some chanted against Texas Tech, others yelled obscenities, crowded balconies at house parties and even made a feeble attempt at signing the MSU fight song. But mostly, people were just sad.

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Aaron Troilo, a junior at MSU, is a lifelong Spartan fan. He watched the game at a friends apartment nearby, and toward the end, I wanted to throw up, he said.

He wasnt the only one feeling the loss. As students gathered one girl leaned off a second floor balcony with a megaphone.

Madison Grahm, a Michigan State junior said, “East Lansing like love it or hate it we are a family like. we lose or win were a family. were celebrating regardless. We take that loss, we still celebrate.”

Several arrests made in East Lansing following MSUs loss to Texas Tech

A heavy police presence surrounded the students, complete with horses and night sticks. Forces from the Michigan State Police, East Lansing Police Department, Michigan State University Police Department, Meridian Township Police, Ingham County Sheriff, Lansing Police Department, Clinton County Sheriff and Eaton County Sheriff were among those present.

LANSING, Mich (WILX)– Michigan State students took to the streets to express their disappointment of Michigan States loss to Texas Tech in Saturdays Final Four game.

The gathering moved from the Cedar Village neighborhood out into the street, closing down Grand River for a time as students paused to take selfies in the street or with the police.

Police from all over Michigan including Meridian Township Police, MSU police, and East Lansing Police showed up to control the rowdy crowds.

Several individuals were led away from the gathering in handcuffs, but overall the assembly remained peaceful.

MSU sophomore Dylan Catalano watched the game at the arena with friends Saturday night. The entire campus was buzzing with excitement leading up to the game, he said, adding that he and his friends waited for the teams return to East Lansing following their Elite Eight win earlier in the week.

Hundreds of miles from Minneapolis, East Lansing Spartan fans celebrate Final Four appearance

The East Lansing Police Department was not taking media inquiries in the immediate aftermath of the game, but said in a press release Sunday afternoon they had made 23 arrests, and responded to 10 fires of small pieces of furniture in other parts of the city.

Hundreds of fans filled downtown East Lansing bars and restaurants well before tip-off to get good seats to watch the action in Minneapolis. Lines stretched out the door at several downtown bars.

Michigan State students on streets of East Lansing after Final Four loss

He was among those gathered at Cedar Village, and said it was clear everybody nearby, including the police, knew that was where the student community would gather.

Hundreds more Michigan State supporters cheered on the team at Munn Ice Arena. Fans ice skated and watched the game on the hockey arenas Jumbotron.

Video: MSU Final Four run

I think its just because its the largest off-campus living community… everyone just wilds the hell out, he said.

Michigan State fans who flocked to East Lansing on Saturday night made it seem as though the Spartans Final Four appearance was a home game.

For other students, avoiding the area was a priority. The university hosted an official watch party at Munn, the on-campus hockey arena.

Video: Friendly wager for MSU game

Hannah Baker and Nana Krah watched the game there, and were still optimistic for a win as the Spartans entered the second half of the game.

EAST LANSING, Mich. (FOX 2) – After Michigan State fell to Texas Tech in the Final Four Saturday night, students flooded the streets of East Lansing.

Its a nice, inclusive environment to bring everybody together for an event like this, Krah said.

East Lansing Police told FOX 2's Jessica Dupnack they would not tolerate pushing, shoving, throwing, or fights after the game.

The gathering at Cedar Village started to disperse after midnight, about an hour from when it had started.

Beyond the few arrests, most students were fairly peaceful – with chants of Go Green and Go White echoing through the streets.

Note: This story has been updated with official numbers on crowd size and arrests from the East Lansing Police Department.

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