EU envoy says much more work needed to clinch Brexit deal

EU envoy says \much more work\ needed to clinch Brexit deal

Brexit Bulletin: Last Battles

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Hostility of US president to Europes defence role and impact of Brexit demand closer alliance says ex-Nato head

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In a report from a taskforce led by Bernard Cazeneuve, Frances prime minister from 2016 to 2017, and George Robertson, a former Labour defence secretary and secretary general of Nato, it is claimed the two countries relationship has never been more fragile.

Finnish Prime Minister Juha Sipila (R) and European Union chief Brexit negotiator Michel Barnier attend a press conference during their meeting at the Prime Ministers residence Kesaranta in Helsinki, Finland, 7 November 2018. [Mauri Ratilainen/EPA/EFE]

Read more The failure of the UK government to hedge against the dollar ahead of the Brexit referendum, and the subsequent devaluation of sterling, is said to have left a gaping hole in the British defence budget, which has undermined a joint attempt to develop unmanned combat aircraft.

The thorny issue of the border between Ireland and the British province of Northern Ireland could sink the negotiations on Britain’s exit from the European Union, the EU’s chief Brexit negotiator Michel Barnier said on Friday (19 October).

The dispute over the UKs post-Brexit involvement in Galileo, the EUs global satellite navigation system, is said to have emerged as a fault line in the negotiations for the countrys withdrawal from the bloc, indicative of the breakdown in key joint structures.

EU Commission secretary-general @MartinSelmayr tells an audience in Germany: "Negotiations with the UK are a bit like the Echternach Spring Procession – three steps forward, two back." Via @PeterMueller9

EU asks level playing field of Britain in case of all-UK Irish backstop – sources

Read more At a time when US foreign policy has never been more unpredictable, it is said to be vital to overcome the problems facing the alliance. The alliance was strengthened by a treaty in 2010 through the establishment of the joint expeditionary forces used in Libya but now, it is claimed, it needs updating and upgrading.

“Clear that more work is needed in Brexit negotiations. We remain determined to reach a deal,” the European Union’s chief negotiator Michel Barnier tweeted from Helsinki after meeting Finnish officials.

The US president, who is likely to be constrained with his domestic agenda following the US midterm elections in which Democrats gained control over the House of Representatives, is expected to turn to foreign policy to make a mark – an area in which he has already built a doubtful reputation.

Both sides say they want to avoid the emergence of a hard border that could undermine the 1998 Good Friday peace agreement — but London does not want the province to remain in the EU Customs Union indefinitely.

The report calls for French and British intelligence agencies to work together on a greater scale, for military facilities to be shared, and for concessions to be made in the Brexit talks between the UK and Brussels to bring the two allies closer together.

He said that a scheduled meeting of leaders in mid-December would still be a workable deadline, but after that the no-deal scenario becomes very real. “Not getting it done in November doesnt mean we cant get in done in the first two weeks of December. Beyond that you are into the New Year which wouldnt be a good place,” he said.

Facebook Twitter Pinterest Lord Robertson: The Trump administration has underscored the need for Europe to do more in its own interests. Photograph: Peter Cosgrove/AP Lord Robertson, who led Nato from 1999 to 2004, said: I think that the Trump administration has underscored the need for Europe to do more in its own interests and the [midterm election] result doesnt do anything but underscore the fact that there is an unpredictability about American foreign policy which should drive Europe to do more in its own interests.

Speaking in Helsinki where he will meet with the EUs chief negotiator Michel Barnier today, Mr Varadkar said: “I do think with every day that passes the possibility of having a special summit in November become less likely.”

[Trump] has been lukewarm on Nato and has taken a pretty hostile view about the role of some European countries and their seriousness about defence. And that has made European allies more nervous about the ultimate American support.

The last-minute demand for a review mechanism of the so-called Northern Ireland backstop has complicated the process. However, Taoiseach Leo Varadkar said yesterday that “creative language” could solve the problem.

EU ULTIMATUM: Britain must keep state aid rules even AFTER Brexit warns Brussels

Robertson said the proposals were not about building a European army, and he denied the recent suggestion that this was an aim of the French president, Emmanuel Macron. He said it was instead about reinforcing the European pillar of Nato.

He added: This is a crucial alliance between the two major military powers in Europe but it is under pressure due to Brexit and it is has never been more valuable given what America is doing at the moment. It needs to be strengthened, improved and reinforced.

“For me, its always about the objection more so than the mechanism. Were trying to achieve a guarantee that a hard Border wont emerge between Ireland and Northern Ireland,” he said.

The report calls on the EU to rethink its relationship with countries that are not member states, to keep the security relationship alive after Brexit, and urges the UK to soften its red lines on the jurisdiction of the European court of justice, to allow its security forces access to key databases.

Robertson said: I dont think [security] should be part of the bartering to do with trade. There is a clear identifiable interest here in terms of security. Brexit does not change geography.

Britain and France are close neighbours, close allies and share threats and it is important to say that the two countries account for more than half of European defence spending and probably over 60% of defence capability. We are both in the UN security council, we are both nuclear powers and we have both got the expeditionary capabilities.

Any EU operation will need UK forces. [The EUs defence cooperation arm] will only work in operational terms if the UK is involved in it and that is the dilemma we are highlighting.

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