Norwegian frigate is rammed by tanker in harbor, could sink

Norwegian frigate is rammed by tanker in harbor, could sink

Warship in danger of SINKING after colliding with oil tanker in Norwegian fjord

Up to eight people were injured in the collision in the Hjeltefjord near Bergen, Norway, when the KNM Helge Ingstad crashed into a vessel from Malta.

The warship is currently in danger of sinking, while the tanker, named the Sola TS, is slightly damaged and did not spill oil.

The collision happened this morning at 3am (4am local time) during a training session, officials have confirmed.

“The armed forces is now reviewing all the means available in the region to assist the KNM Helge Ingstad (the damaged warship),” Lieutenant Colonel Ivar Moen told AFP.

Norwegian warship at risk of sinking after collision with oil tanker

Sola TS tanker crashed into Helge Ingstad, tearing a large hole in its side, near the Sture terminal in Oygarden at around 4 a.m (0300GMT) on Thursday.

According to Norwegian media reports Thursday, the frigate is in danger of sinking after sustaining heavy damage. The oil tanker is reportedly undamaged.

Andreas Stensoenes, Head of the Royal Norwegian Navy, said:  "Helge Ingstad took in water after the collision, lost control and then drifted aground."

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The  Sola TS did not spill oil, it appears, but the collision forced the shutdown of a North Sea crude export terminal and Norways largest gas processing plant, as well as a number of offshore fields.

According to the website Marine Traffic, the 62,000-ton oil tanker Sola is continuing its route from Norway to a terminal in northeast England.

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