Has Josh Norman lived up to his contract? – NBCSports.com

Has Josh Norman lived up to his contract? - NBCSports.com

Norman: Giants Gettleman winning for Redskins

The Redskins pay Josh Norman to be the top cornerback in the NFL. Over the last two seasons, Norman has made $37 million, and hes slated to make another $15 million in 2019. 


Thats a lot of money, and even coming off his best season in Washington, theres an easy case that Norman is being overpaid. 

Washingtons current roster features talented players such as cornerback Josh Norman, safety Landon Collins and quarterback Dwayne Haskins. None of them would be in the nations capital, though, without Gettlemans decision-making.

Last year, Norman accounted for seven turnovers – three interceptions, three forced fumbles and a fumble recovery. Thats strong production from a ballhawk, but his overall play was not elite. Pro Football Focus rated Norman the 69th best cornerback in the NFL last year. 

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Despite no Pro Bowl appearances in three years with the Redskins, Norman has played relatively well. The scheme has never been a true fit for Normans skill set; hes too often caught trying to run laterally against smaller, quicker receivers. Normans strength is his physicality and hip turn running vertically, not chasing faster guys across the middle of the field. 

If the question is simply has Norman lived up to the five-year, $75 million contract he signed with the Redskins in 2016, the answer is no. With Washington, hes never been the top cornerback in the league, even though hes been paid to be the top cornerback in the league. 

As Norman said on the Rich Eisen Show, Washington should consider having the opposing executive on its payroll:

Thats not the question though, or shouldnt be anyway. That money has already been spent, and its a sunk cost. 

The more important question now: Should the Redskins pay Norman another $15 million for the 2019 season? And if they dont, what else do they have?

Answering the first part is a tricky scenario. Norman will turn 32 this season, and its highly unlikely he will have a career renaissance to turn the clock back to 2015, when he was the best corner in the league playing for Carolina. He will be the second highest paid cornerback in the NFL. Put those two things together, and slip in that Normans deal carries no guaranteed money and Washington could save $11.5 million against the cap with a post-June 1 release, and maybe it doesnt make sense to keep the loquacious corner. 

The other side of that coin, however, is who will the Redskins line up on the field on Sundays. 

Quinton Dunbar played well in 2018 when he finally got the chance to start. In six starts, he made two interceptions and added 39 tackles. Pro Football Focus ranked him nearly 20 spots ahead of Norman. 

Dunbar looked like he was on his way to taking over the mantle as the Redskins No. 1 cornerback. Then he got hurt, a mysterious nerve injury in his leg, and ended the season on injured reserve. Assuming Dunbar is all the way back from the injury, and thats not a given until hes again seen running full speed consistently, he could emerge as the Skins best cover guy this fall. 

But when it comes to cornerbacks, its better to have lots of options. Norman and Dunbar on the field together give the Washington defense their best chance. After those two, there are nothing but question marks. 

What role should Fabian Moreau have? The Redskins tried to install him as their slot cornerback last season, and the results werent great. He had one pick and five passes defenses and played all 16 games, but Pro Football Focus graded him out as a -6.2 and had him outside the Top 100 cornerbacks. Moreau might be best suited to play outside, but with Norman and Dunbar, hes not getting either of those spots. 

A third-round pick in 2017, Moreau barely played as a rookie. In some ways, last season was a trial by fire for him, and 2019 could be much better. He has the physical tools and now the game might slow down with a better understanding of concepts.

Beyond that, last year the Redskins kept three late round rookies on their roster: Adonis Alexander, Greg Stroman and Danny Johnson.

All three showed brief flashes why they were drafted, but the bad outweighed the good with all of them. Alexander has great size for the position and should have an inside track on a roster spot, but Stroman and Johnson are no sure things. 

This offseason, Washington added veteran Dominique Rodgers Cromartie in free agency and drafted JMU CB Jimmy Moreland in the seventh round.

With Rodgers-Cromartie, he needs to get through a full training camp. A 12-year veteran, DRC walked away from the Raiders after seven games last season. Retired. Done with football. Now hes back, and reunited with former Giants teammate Landon Collins, but will that be enough to push him through the inevitable hardships of an NFL season?

Despite being a seventh-round pick, Moreland has some Redskins coaches excited. In some ways, the hype around Moreland feels reminiscent to 2018 seventh-round pick Trey Quinn. Moreland played college at James Madison, a strong football program on the second collegiate level, but proved a willingness to make plays. He made 18 interceptions in college and returned six of them for touchdowns. Former Redskins Fred Smoot believes Moreland could push for the slot corner job this year, which would be remarkable progress for a seventh-round pick out of a small school. 

A year from now, its nearly impossible to see Norman still with the Redskins. Washington will know if Dunbar has returned fully from injury and what the team has in Alexander, Moreau and Moreland. Norman will be turning 33 and making $15.5 million. That math wont add up, particularly when the salary for Landon Collins will more than triple from $4 million this season to $15 million in 2020. 

But this season? Norman makes too much money for his level of play, but collectively, the Redskins arent paying their cornerbacks all that much. The team ranks 15th in the NFL in positional spending at corner, with the entire group making about $22.5 million.

Washington has already navigated free agency and the draft and remains about $10 million below the salary cap. That gives them enough cash to add players throughout the season as needed should injuries come up. There are advantages to rolling over salary cap space year to year, but right now, the Skins are not pressed for cash.

Should a veteran free agent emerge after June 1 cuts, particularly at a position of need like wide receiver or pass rusher, then things could look different. There is a lot of money to be saved by releasing Norman this year. 

During the annual league meetings in March, Redskins head coach Jay Gruden got pressed about Normans future in Washington. The coach summed up the situation well.

“To say hes performed as the best cornerback in the National Football League would be far fetched, but I will say this: Im glad we got him. I think not having Josh Norman, our team would be not quite as competitive as we have been with Josh Norman and I think moving forward having Josh Norman on this roster is going to help us get where we want to go.”

By the transitive property of finger pointing, any success the Washington Redskins come by in the immediate future will lead directly to mentions of New York Giants general manager Dave Gettleman helping them out.

Three of Washingtons most important players landed with the Redskins as a byproduct of decisions made by Gettleman. Josh Norman signed with Washington after Gettleman withdrew his franchise tag when both were a member of the Carolina Panthers. Landon Collins inked a big-money contract with the Redskins this offseason after Gettleman let him walk for nothing in free agency. And new rookie quarterback Dwayne Haskins landed in Washington after the Giants selected Duke product Daniel Jones in the first round of the 2019 NFL Draft instead of the Ohio State signal-caller.

Norman joined the Rich Eisen Show this week where it was pointed out to the veteran cornerback the connections between the three vital Redskins and Gettleman.

"I think we need to put him on salary," Norman responded amid laughter. "I think we need to put him on salary. I mean, they need to protect Dave Gettleman at all costs up in New York, for sure. All costs, because hes winning for us, geez Louise."

"The more players you can get the better your chances (of winning a Super Bowl) are," Norman said.

Jones and Haskins will be forever linked by their teams draft decisions and the fact that they play in the NFC East. That Gettleman had a hand in not only helping the Redskins land their QB of their choice, but also two other high-priced defensive players creates an even brighter underlined connection between the two rival organizations.

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