Red Sox hope to home-field advantage makes difference

Red Sox hope to home-field advantage makes difference

Luis Severino may have been tipping his pitches in Yankees blowout loss to Red Sox

Jon Heyman of Fancred Sports reported that the Yankees are positive that Severino was tipping his pitches during that 16-1 blowout loss. One Yankees source simply told Heyman, The Red Sox had his pitches.

The Red Sox werent the only ones who noticed that Severino was tipping his pitches. Lou Merloni, a Red Sox broadcaster, also mentioned it. And an intrepid Twitter follower captured actual evidence from the game itself.

As long as Jansens cutter is cutting and he isnt asked to pitch in Colorado, the Los Angeles bullpen sets him up with Kenta Maeda primarily handling the eighth inning, Pedro Baez being under-the-radar great lately in the seventh inning and Scott Alexander as the situational lefty who will probably get very familiar facing Christian Yelich in this series, if it isnt rookie Caleb Ferguson.

[email protected] just nailed it. Red Sox had a beat on what was coming as early as the second inning. JBJ says “Fastball…” to Mookie before an 0-2 pitch to Holt, Severino pumps in 98 MPH fastball that Holt fouls away.

Jackie Bradley Jr. said fastball into his closed fist, and thats just what Severino delivered. Heyman said on the radio on Thursday that the Yankees are absolutely convinced Severino was tipping his pitches, and its not hard to see why.

The soiled reputation of Los Angeles bullpen mostly stems from the unfortunate episode of the irregular heartbeat experienced by Kenley Jansen, the following 10 days the bullpen imploded while he was on the disabled list and his struggles getting back to top form. That was very much on display for Jansen against the Braves in the NL Division Series.

Severino had been electric in the AL wild-card game, giving up just two hits and striking out seven over four innings, helping the Yankees beat the Oakland Athletics to advance to the ALDS. And when Severino struggled in Game 3, it was initially thought to be due to a shorter warm-up time before the game. Broadcaster Ron Darling commented during the game that Severino had gone out to the mound to warm up at 7:32pm, just eight minutes before the games scheduled start time of 7:40pm.

But Los Angeles didnt reached the NLCS for a third consecutive season without enjoying some late-inning success of its own. The Dodgers bullpen allowed fewer runs per game this year than the Brewers relief corps. Milwaukee relievers have allowed more inherited runs and a higher percentage of inherited runners to score than Los Angeles relievers.

Video: What can the ALDS tell us about the Red Sox – Astros matchup?

Both Severino and Yankees manager Aaron Boone commented to ESPN after the game that they felt the warm-up time was not an issue, and that he was fully ready to go at game time. It looks like they were right, since the Yankees now reportedly believe that Severino was tipping his pitches. Thats information that will help Severino in the future, but it probably doesnt make the Game 3 shellacking — and the Yankees subsequent elimination in Game 4 — any easier for the team to deal with.

Yankees Severinos inexperience a likely culprit amidst pitch-tipping report

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What would be the best remaining World Series matchup?

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The suspicion seems to be warranted. Red Sox hitters were all over Severino’s stuff all night long, clobbering heaters from one of the hardest throwers in baseball. Astonishingly, six of Boston’s first 13 hitters put the ball in play with an exit velocity of 100 mph or greater. Even Boston’s outs were missiles.

Houston Astros: Hector Rondon has likely cost himself a postseason spot

We are exactly 12 days away from Game 1 of the 2018 World Series, and we know the matchup will be one of four possibilities: Brewers-Red Sox, Dodgers-Astros, Brewers-Astros or Dodgers-Red Sox. Each of these matchups will be fun — its the Fall Classic, after all — but some of them are fascinating beyond the conventional matchup. Heres a look at three potentially enjoyable aspects of each of the four possible World Series combinations.

For a young pitcher like Severino, pitch-tipping is not uncommon. Experienced hitters around the league prey on any advantage they can get. So if Boston’s veteran lineup got even the slightest indication that they could get a beat on what Severino would throw before he threw it, you had better bet they’d take advantage.

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We are exactly 12 days away from Game 1 of the 2018 World Series, and we know the matchup will be one of four possibilities: Brewers-Red Sox, Dodgers-Astros, Brewers-Astros or Dodgers-Red Sox. Each of these matchups will be fun — its the Fall Classic, after all — but some of them are fascinating beyond the conventional matchup. Heres a look at three potentially enjoyable aspects of each of the four possible World Series combinations.

Share Share Ranking the remaining World Series matchups tweet share Reddit Pocket Flipboard Email Photo by Stephen Dunn/Getty Images It was 10 days ago that SB Nation published an empirically correct ranking of all the possible World Series matchups. It featured a convoluted ranking system that gave extra credit to teams that havent won a World Series in a while, among other things, and I use it because its hard to wrap your head around 25 different matchups. There has to be a way to sort through the mess.

1. Youre going to keep forgetting which team is in which league. The Brewers made the World Series in 1982 as an American League team, but this year, theyd be there as a National League team for the first time. The Astros made it in 2005 as an NL team, but theyd be back for the second year in a row as an AL team. Theoretically, in any year between 69 and 97, these two teams could have played in the Fall Classic as representatives from the opposite leagues they are representing right now.

And this outcome would also come with the maximum amount of pain, considering it would be the Brewers who lost. Now, I know the Milwaukee Braves won in 1957, so technically the city has seen a championship. But now were in Indians levels of drought, and Im not sure if it helps or hurts to claim it. The actual Brewers have been there for 48 seasons, with just one pennant to show for it, and that was nearly four decades ago.

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2. They even used to be in the same division.From 1998 (the year the Brewers moved to the NL) to 2012 (the Astros final season in the NL), Milwaukee and Houston were in fact NL Central rivals. The Astros won two division titles in that time (98, 99) and the Brewers won one (11). The early-aughts version of yourself is so, so confused by this World Series.

Theres at least a chance, though, that we would look back at this as something of a necessary rivalry, an unexpected intertwining of two of baseballs most dominant franchises. Theres no reason why the Cowboys and 49ers should be linked throughout history, but they most certainly are. Same goes for the Warriors and Cavaliers. If the Yankees and Royals could be a thing, why not the Astros and Dodgers?

3. Josh Hader haunts his old mates. Well, sort of. Hader made his MLB debut last season, and hes been dominating hitters ever since. But back in 2015, when he was a 21-year-old starter, the Astros traded him — along with Domingo Santana, Brett Phillips and Adrian Houser — for Mike Fiers and Carlos Gomez. Fiers is now with the As and Gomez is with the Rays, but Hader is burning it up in Milwaukee and would surely cherish doing so against Houston in the World Series.

1. Milwaukee took away a Boston team once.It might seem strange now that a team would leave the city of Boston for Milwaukee, but thats what happened in 1952, when the Boston Braves moved to Milwaukee. The Brewers, at the time, were the Braves farm team. The move actually happened at the very last minute: The sale of the Braves was announced on March 18, and the team moved to Milwaukee immediately. The Braves, of course, moved to Atlanta in 1966, and the Milwaukee Brewers, named after Bostons old farm team, came along in 1970, when the Seattle Pilots moved to Wisconsin.

One of the individuals that would be within that realm is reliever Hector Rondon.  The right-handed hurler signed with the Houston Astros this past off season for a two-year, $8.5 million deal.  The pact was to be promising for the team but his consistent struggles in pressure situations at the mound cost him being left off the ALDS roster.

2. Welcome back, Travis Shaw. Do you remember why the Red Sox traded Shaw? Because they were hoping Pablo Sandoval could take over third base. He was Bostons opening day starter in 2017, and he was released three months later. Meanwhile, Shaw has raked ever since arriving in Wisconsin, hitting 31 homers last year and 32 this year.

3. Tom Brady might not be cheering for the Red Sox. Seriously. In an interview with Westwood One last week, Brady said that he has become a Brewers fan, thanks to a close friendship with Milwaukee owner Mark Attanasio. If Brady thought his brief foray into electoral politics was a public-relations headache for him, try rooting against the Red Sox in the World Series.

MLB Rumors: Yankees Believe Luis Severino Tipped Pitches To Red Sox

1. Rematch! Considering how much fun last years was, who would be against another one? This would be the first World Series rematch, as MLB.coms David Adler noted, in exactly 40 years, since the Yankees and Dodgers met in the 1978 World Series. (New York won in 77 and 78.)

It’s safe to say that Rondon has tremendous worth to be used as a reliever when the team is ahead but the call to put him in a sticky situation is gutsy.  Based on this historical data alone as well as through his career, it’s tough to make that call and that’s why I think he’ll still be left off the ALCS roster.

2. They used to be bitter rivals.As Joe Posnanski pointed out last year, the Astros and Dodgers had some intense postseason battles in 1980 and 81, with Houston winning a tiebreaker game in 80 and the Dodgers winning a pseudo-NLDS (because of the strike) the following season. The Astros being in the NL basically made them rivals with every team at some point.

Share Share Daily Red Sox Links: Chris Sale, Alex Cora, Craig Kimbrel tweet share Reddit Pocket Flipboard Email Photo by Elsa/Getty Images Chris Sale is going to start game one of the ALCS. No surprise there. David Price will start game two. There is a little more surprise there, at least if you listen to drive-time radio in Boston. (Peter Abraham; Boston Globe)

MLB postseason: What went wrong for six teams with early playoff exits

3. They still wont play the craziest game the two franchises have ever played.Did you think Game 5 last year was the nuttiest game between the Astros and the Dodgers? Theyll never top the 22-inning marathon from 1989, which ended at 2:29 a.m. CT before an afternoon game the next day that went 13 innings. Houston and Los Angeles still have to be sick of each other after that game.

Even though they advanced, the Red Sox had clear weaknesses, namely in the bullpen. Surprisingly, Craig Kimbrel was at the center of it. (Nick Cafardo; Boston Globe)

1. Those stadiums.Nothing against Minute Maid Park and Miller Park, but a Fall Classic with Fenway Park and Dodger Stadium as the backdrops? These are two of the three oldest stadiums in the sport — Fenway opened in 1912 and Dodger Stadium in 62 — and theyve been the site of too many iconic baseball moments to count. Everything looks gorgeous at these stadiums.

2. Still, the crowds will feel small … relatively speaking.Trivia question! Whats the greatest number of people to have ever attended a baseball game? The number is 115,301, to watch a Spring Training game between the Red Sox and the Dodgers at Los Angeles Coliseum in 2008. Thats the only thing that could make a World Series crowd feel paltry.

3. That crazy 2012 swap.The wildest trade in baseball memory happened in 2012, when the Red Sox shipped Carl Crawford, Adrian Gonzalez and Josh Beckett — and their massive salaries — to the Dodgers for … well, does it really matter? Los Angeles took on roughly $250 million in salaries, and then-new owner Magic Johnson said it was because “we want to win now.” The Dodgers didnt win the NL West that year, but they have every year since, though those players didnt have much to do it. Funny thing about that massive nine-player trade? None of the players are in the Majors anymore.

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