Missing 3-year-old Ontario boy found safe – WKBW-TV

Missing 3-year-old Ontario boy found safe - WKBW-TV

3-year-old boy found safe in Toronto after Amber Alert issued in Sudbury, Ont.

A three-year-old boy who was the subject of an Amber Alert issued in Sudbury, Ont., was found safe in Toronto early this morning along with his mother, Toronto police confirmed to CBC News.

The woman and her son were found in the Fort York Boulevard-Lake Shore Avenue West area of Toronto at an address on Bruyeres Mews.

Toronto Police have found a 3-year-old boy safe in Toronto after the Ontario Provincial Police issued an Amber Alert early Tuesday morning.

According to Sudbury police, who issued the alert, the child was last seen by his guardian at noon on Monday when he and his mother were dropped off at the Rainbow Mall in downtown Sudbury. Police said they were contacted around midnight Tuesday by the guardian after the child was not returned home. 

Temur Durrani is a breaking news reporter, working out of the Stars radio room in Toronto. Follow him on Twitter: @temurdur

The Amber Alert, which was issued around 5 a.m. ET, said the child and his mother were last seen boarding a bus from Sudbury to Toronto on Monday. The alert lasted until approximately 7:55 a.m on Tuesday.

The child, who was last seen boarding a bus from Sudbury to Toronto on Monday, was located at a condo in the citys downtown core near Fort York Boulevard and Lake Shore Avenue West, according to Toronto police.

He had been last seen on Monday on a bus travelling from Sudbury to Toronto with his 25-year-old mother.

Toronto police: Boy, 3, found safe after Amber Alert issued

However, a police source told 680 NEWS the mother called OPP herself when she found out police were looking for her and the child.

Police on scene at location where child at centre of #AmberAlert was found safe. 25 year old mother found safe as well at condo in Fort York/Bathurst area. More ahead on @BTtoronto in moments pic.twitter.com/QjzPEHVgYo

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Breana Gooden, who police are describing as a suspect, is a black female, 25 years old, five-feet-six, 150lbs, hair in a ponytail, tattoos of a lion on her left forearm and a peace sign on her right forearm. She is wearing a black sweater, black tights, black and gold mini skirt, white and pink running shoes.

UPDATE: Boy found safe after Amber Alert issued

I hope this Amber Alert ends well. I would like to see some follow-up by the media about the penalty being paid by these people who abduct children. We hear about the abduction but usually nothing after that. I think that anyone who steals/molests children aught to do serious jail time. And anyone who kills a child … should suffer the same fate.

William Gooden is described as a black male roughly three feet tall, heavy build with short black hair. He was last seem wearing a blue T-shirt, black pants, a red and white jacket and a Montreal Canadiens ball cap.

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Police said they “immediately initiated an investigation” and started checking places the boy’s mother was known to visit in the Sudbury area as well as checking in with employees at the Greyhound and Northalnd Bus Stations as the mother does not have access to a vehicle.

Amber Alert texts once again have people complaining

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