Woman Crashes Into Squad Cars During Overnight Police Chase – Spectrum News

Woman Crashes Into Squad Cars During Overnight Police Chase - Spectrum News

Police: Passenger shoots Rochester cab driver

Capt. Michael Jones of the Rochester Police Department said officers were called to Renwood Street around 9:30 p.m. Wednesday to assist a man found outside who appeared to need medical attention.

Arriving officers found Eric Lofton had suffered fatal injuries, said Rochester police investigator Jackie Shuman. Lofton was pronounced dead.

Police did not release details on how Lofton died, but said police believe he was injured somewhere other than the spot on Renwood where he was found.

No charges have been filed in connection in the slaying. Anyone with information is asked to call 911.

Officers were initially called for a reported fight on Clifford Avenue, near Goodman Street, around 9 p.m. When they got there, a second report came in for a man with serious injuries about half a mile away on Renwood Street.

Rochester Police are investigating a man who was found injured & died on Renwood st around 9:30 last night. RPD believes he was involved in a fight on nearby Clifford Avenue and then rode his bike to Redwood Street. It appears the man was stabbed. More on this @SPECNewsROC pic.twitter.com/58Tv6q7ESV

"AMR responded to the scene and attempted to save his life and couldnt, unfortunately," said Lt. Naser Zenelovic with the Rochester Police Department Major Crimes Unit. "At this point were investigating both scenes as being related."

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