HS football: Northside hands Salem second straight loss

HS football: Northside hands Salem second straight loss

HS football: Northside hands Salem second straight loss

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SALEM, Va. (WDBJ7) — At Salem Stadium, the Spartans were in bounce back mode after losing to Dinwiddie last Friday. A Northside team with lots of momentum figured to provide a test in our Hart Kia Spotlight Game of the Week.

The Vikings taking it to Salem right away. Jalen Jackson was a force to be reckoned with Thursday night. He keeps it and takes it in for the first touchdown of the game. Sending an early message, 7-nothing Northside.

And so begins the back and forth affair. A costly Northside fumble puts the ball back in Salem hands. Hunter Chaney fires to an open Shawn Collins and the Spartans find daylight. A 70 yard touchdown! Ring that bell seven times. Its a tied ballgame.

But it wouldnt last long. Christian Fisher through traffic and lays out for the end zone to put the Vikes back on top 14-7.

This time a Salem fumble would grow Northsides lead. Seconds before the half, Jackson launches an absolute rocket and Marquee Mann there to absorb the blast for the touchdown and its 21-7.

Salem would need to run it back for a chance to score before the half. And thats exactly what they did. The Vikings learned tonight, once Isaiah Persinger gets going, there isnt any stopping the kid. All the way back to the house to get the Spartans within a touchdown at halftime.

Both teams getting gutsy after the break. Check out this snag! Jackson in trouble. Lets it go for Mann. And he saves the bobble and just like that its 28-13. It didnt stay that way long.

Make it 35-13 after Jackson and Fisher connect once again, this time for 94 yards and a touchdown and the Vikings were smelling the upset. Salem feeling the pressure now. Chaney going all out deep for Collins. Avoids the pick and somehow holds on to it. That play is rewarded for a Salem touchdown. But the damage had been done. The Vikings prevail 35-27 for their first 4-0 start since 2013.

“I learned that our kids are resilient. Theyre not gonna quit or back down from anybody. Were ready to play some good football at Northside,” Northside Head Coach Scott Fisher said.

“I just love my brothers, and to come out here and compete and to beat Salem in Salem Stadium, I cant remember the last time a Northside team has done that,” Northside Wide Receiver Christian Fisher said.

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