Savannah community bids final farewell to slain Sgt. Kelvin Ansari – Savannah Morning News

Savannah community bids final farewell to slain Sgt. Kelvin Ansari - Savannah Morning News

WATCH: Funeral services for Savannah Police Sgt. Kelvin Ansari

SAVANNAH, Ga. (WTOC) -People from all over joined together on the streets of Savannah along the processional route to pay their respects for Sergeant Ansaris service to his community and his country on Saturday.

I dont really have a police background but I mean you got to pay your respects because they serve the country as much as our soldiers and our soldiers do a lot for us, said Caleb McKenzie of Guyton, Ga.

I just figured being here to honor him and see his family so they can see it and see the support in any way shape or form obviously Im only one person but everybody makes a difference, said Zoe.

For Greenwood, Sgt. Ansaris death hit close to home. She wanted to go into law enforcement but was in an accident just a few months ago that kept her from doing so. She says she may not wear a badge but she can still honor the fallen officer and his family.

“I just really hope they know they are loved and they are supported and he gave the ultimate sacrifice.”

Greenwood says seeing so many other departments around the country post on social media about the officers passing and then them actually showing up for support really shows how strong this brotherhood is.

“To see that they knew what was going on and they were talking about driving down and seeing the memorial or coming for the motorcade when he was laid to rest. I think the reach of that was a really good thing and a big thing.”

Chatham Emergency Services placed a flag over Victory Drive and had their crew pay respect as the procession came by.

It is the last situation where we want to gather this kind of support,” said Bill Koster, Chief of Operations with Chatham Emergency Services. “However, it is incredibly meaningful to see the community at large recognizing the jobs that we all do every day and particularly law enforcement who have a higher level of risk and our folks who are out here every day and every night for that matter.

Many people brought their kids to the procession. Parents say they want them to know just how serious an officers job is and that they should always be honored.

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