Sioux Falls flooding maps: See how forecasted water levels would look in the area – Sioux Falls Argus Leader

Sioux Falls flooding maps: See how forecasted water levels would look in the area - Sioux Falls Argus Leader

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Officials have spent days preparing Minnehaha County residents for flooding, but just how bad could it get?

The Big Sioux River Flood Information System shows how flooding could impact Sioux Falls, Dell Rapids and other nearby areas.

Using the map and the projected flows on the river next week, the map shows how much of the area could be under water. The Big Sioux is expected to reach major flood stage Monday morning and continue at a peak throughout the week. Please note: These are just projections and could change.

Potential impacts: Yankton Trail Park, Tomar Park, Spencer Park, Tuthill Park, Pasley Park, Norlin Greenway, Rotary Park, Riverdale Park, Cherry Rock Park, River Boulevard Greenway, Beadle Park, Fawick Park, Falls Park, Lien Park, Sioux Falls Bike Trail

Potential impacts: West 60th Street North near Ditch Road, North Ditch Road, Renner Volunteer Fire Department, Mapleton Road, 257th Street

KSFY will have drone footage after the flooding occurs to give you a look at the conditions afterwards.

Potential impacts: Parts of 256th, 255th, 252nd, Meadowland and Norway streets, Big Sioux Road/473rd Avenue.

“Make sure you know where your family is, make sure you have a plan in place with your family and an alternative place to go in case you have to evacuate,” says Andy Minihan, Union County Emergency Manager.

Potential impacts: Parts of Highway 115, Orleans Avenue, East First Street, Ladelle Avenue, Zero Street, Garfield Avenue and City Park Avenue.

Potential impacts: Dell Rapids Climbing Hills, parts of East Seventh Street/Jasper Street and 476th Avenue.

“It will remain to be seen if those expectations can hold out. The big variable in this is any future weather we have come through,” says Minihan.

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Mayor Randy Fredericksen says the dirt will be used to build a berm across the interstate to divert water from the Big Sioux River into Mud Lake if needed.

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