Springfield, Mo., pair charged in fatal shootings after being kicked out of home

Springfield, Mo., pair charged in fatal shootings after being kicked out of home

Man wanted in N.J. charged in Missouri murder spree

SPRINGFIELD, Mo. (AP) — Two men have been charged in the shooting deaths of two of their ex-roommates in a southwest Missouri home, and one of the suspects is accused of killing a woman the following day.

Luis Perez, 23, was charged Tuesday with three counts of first-degree murder in the deaths of 38-year-old Steven Marler, 23-year-old Aaron Hampton and 21-year-old Sabrina Starr. Perez, whom federal authorities believe was in the U.S. illegally, also faces eight other felonies counts.

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Police tie three recent deadly shootings in Springfield to possible stolen gun

A second man, 19-year-old Aaron Anderson, was charged as an accomplice with two counts of first-degree murder in Marler and Hamptons deaths, and three other felonies.

Perez and Anderson remain jailed without bond in Greene County. No attorneys are listed for them in online court records.

Police said in charging documents that Perez had recently come to Springfield from New Jersey, where he had active warrants.

According to the documents, Perez opened fire Thursday after he and Anderson were kicked out of a Springfield home. The documents said Anderson told investigators he could hear the victims “begging for their lives” as he listened to Perez on speaker phone while waiting outside in a sport utility vehicle with Starr.

Authorities said Perez returned to the scene after seeing another man arrive there and fired more rounds. The trio then returned to Starrs home, where Perez had been staying with Anderson after they were kicked out of the victims home.

Days before the shooting, Starr gave Perez a gun that she had stolen and he gave her some tattoos. Police said its unclear whether that gun was used in any of the killings.

Starr had posted photos on Facebook of her with Hampton, including some with them embracing and kissing. Police said she was shot six times at her home on Friday. Her body was found the next day by a relative.

Police obtained a warrant to search several Facebook accounts and found messages from Perez, trying to trade a handgun after the killings. Perez called it a “dirty” handgun because it “Got bodies,” authorities said.

Police also said Perezs girlfriend, Dalia Garcia, arrived on a bus from New Jersey on Friday and helped burn evidence. She is jailed on $75,000 bond on a charge of tampering with evidence.

SPRINGFIELD, Mo. Three people are now charged in relation to three Springfield homicides. Josh Hampton and Steven Marler were shot to death at a house on East Locust last Thursday morning. Saturday, Sabrina Starr was found shot and killed at a house on North Oakland.

Three people, Luis Perez, Aaron Anderson and Dalia Garcia, are charged in connection with the killings. Police believe Luis Perez was the gunman at both murder scenes, Anderson went along with the plan on East Locust, and Garcia helped destroy evidence.

Investigators learned Luis Perez and Aaron Anderson had recently been living at 906 East Locust, but roommates kicked them out.Detectives say early last Thursday morning, Perez, Anderson and Sabrina Starr, went to the house on East Locust.

Anderson said they went in Starrs vehicle, a silver SUV, and that Perez did all the shooting, while he and Starr listened over speaker phone. Police say his account matches the evidence at the scene, where Steven Marler and Josh Hampton were found dead.Police later found ammo at Starrs house that matched the shell casings there.

Witnesses said Starr had recently stolen a Glock 19 pistol from a vheicle and gave it to Perez in exchange for some tattoos. He was her tattoo artist, and court documents say Perez and Anderson had also moved in with Sabrina Starr after being kicked out of East Locust.

Saturday, Starrs family found her dead in her home at 2146 North Oakland. Anderson told police Perez shot her six times, which matched the evidence. Anderson said he then rented a room at the Battlefield Inn for he and Perez, as well as Perez girlfriend, Dalia Garcia, who arrived in town from New Jersey on Friday. Garcia told police she helped burn bloody clothing.

Police found the three of them, and another woman, at Walmart on East Independence on Monday. They were initially held for Perez illegal immigration status and Andersons previous felony warrant. Perez confirmed he knew all the victims but denied any involvement in their deaths.

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