WWE Signs 415000 SF Global HQ Lease in Downtown Stamford – GlobeSt.com

WWE Signs 415000 SF Global HQ Lease in Downtown Stamford - GlobeSt.com

WWE moving headquarters, selling Titan Towers

It’s not fake: The WWE is getting a Colosseum-sized office complex to serve as its new global headquarters in Stamford, Connecticut.

The company inked a lease for 415,000 square feet at 677 Washington Boulevard. With the deal, the three-building complex is 72 percent leased, said George Comfort & Sons in a statement. The complex previously served as the North American headquarters for UBS.

JLLs Drew Saunders, Robert Ageloff, Allison Melichar and Joe Messina represented WWE. Building ownership was represented in-house by CEO Peter Duncan and Dana Pike.

WWE said it expects to move to the new location in early 2021. It will allow the company to bring together its operations, including its production studios and corporate offices. The lease has an initial term of approximately 16.5 years, with five five-year renewal options afterward.

The company plans to sell the property it owns at 1241 East Main Street and leave its leased spaces at 1266 East Main Street. It will evaluate options for the production studios at 88 and 120 Hamilton Avenue.

George Comfort & Sons took over ownership of 677 Washington Boulevard with AVG Partners in early 2018. The new owners sought to re-lease the buildings — and recent deals include financial firm KPMG and architecture firm Perkins Eastman. The Class A complex spans about 12 acres. It includes a 13-story office tower, seven-story pavilion and three-story retail building.

Over the last year or so, Stamford has seen a string of development news that officials have hoped will help its struggling central business district. In January, a group owned by Stamford-based New England Investment Partners acquired a seven-story building in Stamford from Darien-based Forstone Capital for around $18.2 million. The approximately 93,000-square-foot office property at 600 Summer Street has tenants that include H&R Block, Stamford Bank & Trust and several law firms.

After 34 years, WWEs world headquarters will be moving to a new location in Stamford, Connecticut.

According to the press release WWE issued this afternoon, the company is anticipating the move to take place in 2021. They will be moving to a new complex on 677 Washington Boulevard and will be selling their current headquarters, Titan Towers. They will also be exiting their leased spaces on 1266 East Main Street and will evaluate their options for their production studio facilities at 88 and 120 Hamilton Avenue.

One of the most important elements necessary to execute WWEs long-term growth strategy is world-class talent collaborating seamlessly to create compelling content, George Barrios, WWE Co-President was quoted as saying in the press release. Our workplace initiative will be the foundation to meet these objectives and underpins our ability to deliver long-term value.

Built in 1981, WWE purchased Titan Towers in 1985 and has since become its world headquarters. A number of angles and televised segments have taken place over the years in and outside of the building, including rooftop event footage that was later used for the intro to Monday Night Raw.

WWE will be leasing their new building for an initial 16.5 year term that will start no earlier than July 1, 2019.

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