Red Cross: Blood donations needed in wake of Hurricane Florence

Red Cross: Blood donations needed in wake of Hurricane Florence

Red Cross volunteer back in NH after helping with Florence relief efforts

The American Red Cross is preparing to help locals stay safe as record-breaking flooding threatens thousands of Horry County roads.

We had round one with Hurricane Florence, and now its round two with the flooding, Cuthbert Langley with the Red Cross said.

WITN is once again teaming up with the Red Cross of Eastern North Carolina, this time helping victims of Hurricane Florence.

WITN and Red Cross of ENC team up for Friday fundraiser

We ask you to join us this Friday, September 21, where we will hold a fundraiser here at the studio by taking donations starting at noon and ending at our 11pm newscast.

During this fundraiser we will have updates on power outages, flood levels, shelters, flooded roadways and a comprehensive list of where you can go to drop off supplies if you want to do that along with donating.

Residents of Eastern Carolina will be feeling the effects of Hurricane Florence for weeks and months to come. Some local officials even say it will take years to get over.

That is why donations to the Red Cross of Eastern Carolina are so important. They are used right now and for planning ahead, meeting the specific needs of your neighbors right down the road.

We are still working on getting all of our phone lines set up for Friday and will let you know that number as soon as possible.

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