Apples New iPhones Have A Nasty Surprise

Apple\s New iPhones Have A Nasty Surprise

iPhone XS Max review: its Apples best iPhone in a while

Share Share Apple could launch first Macs powered by its own processors in 2020, says analyst share tweet Linkedin Reddit Pocket Flipboard Email Apple Analyst Ming-Chi Kuo says that Apple could kick off its switch from Intel to ARM-based processors in Mac computers as early as 2020 or 2021. That target echoes a report from Bloomberg in April that also cited 2020 as the year were likely to begin seeing MacBooks running on Apples own ARM-based chips. Kuo says the changeover will come with the obvious upside of Apple being freed from relying on Intels processor roadmap and the delays that can disrupt it. 9to5Mac reported on Kuos latest note.

The transition is almost certain to start with Apples laptops, as it might take some time before Apples chips can match those from Intel in terms of performance for the companys high-end Mac products.

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Kuo says that Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company (TSMC), Apples chip manufacturer, stands to benefit enormously from Apples plans. TSMC has the exclusive supplier of A-series chips since 2016 and will maintain that arrangement going forward. Kuo also anticipates that TSMC will manufacture chips intended for Apples car efforts, saying we believe that Apple Cars Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) will support either Level 4 (high automation) or Level 5 (full automation).

Apple’s iPhone XR will go up for preorder on Friday, October 19, the company has confirmed, while also announcing new countries where the more affordable smartphone and its iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max cousins will be available. Announced alongside the iPhone XS last month, the iPhone XR brings Apple’s latest slim-bezel aesthetic to a more affordable price point, not to mention a welcome return to some brighter colors.

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With a 6.1-inch screen, the iPhone XR will slot in-between the iPhone XS and the iPhone XS Max. Apple has used an LCD panel, rather than OLED, to help keep the price down. Similarly, on the back there’s a single camera rather than a dual camera, though Apple promises you’ll still get some Portrait mode functionality which it will deliver through software.

If youve been holding out for the least expensive version of Apples new iPhones, your patience is about to pay off. The $749 iPhone XR is available for pre-order this Friday (Oct. 19).

The result is a $749 starting price, $250 less than you’ll pay for the cheapest iPhone XS. For that, you still get Face ID and the gesture navigation in iOS 12 that the iPhone XS debuted. Three storage variants will be offered: 64 GB, 128 GB, and 256 GB. Six colors, meanwhile, are available: black, white, blue, yellow, coral, and (PRODUCT)RED.

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The iPhone XR debuted last month, alongside the iPhone XS and XS Max. But those two phones have been on sale since mid-September. Apple pushed iPhone XR pre-sales to Oct. 19, with the phone hitting stores a week later on Oct. 26, reportedly so that it could ramp up production on the 6.1-inch handset.

As for the iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max, that will launch in countries like Chile, Colombia, Malaysia, and Thailand on October 26. Preorders in those locations will begin the week prior, on October 19. Come November 2, the flagships will arrive in South Korea and more than 10 additional countries and territories.

The iPhone XR is Apples attempt to offer a lower cost version of the iPhone X. While it sports the same extended display as the iPhone XS and XS Max, the iPhone XR uses an LCD panel instead of a more expensive OLED screen. Theres also just a single rear camera on the XR. Those moves allow Apple to sell its new phone at a $250 discount from the iPhone XS.

As of Friday, October 19 at 12:01am PST, preorders for the iPhone XR will open. Deliveries – along with in-store sales – will kick off on Friday, October 26. There’ll be more than 50 different countries and territories you can pick up an iPhone XR:

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In addition to the lower price tag, the iPhone XR can claim a few other differences from the rest of the iPhone lineup. It comes in a wider variety of colors, offering a choice between black, white, blue coral and yellow as well as a Product Red variant. The 6.1-inch screen on the iPhone XR is also larger than the iPhone XSs 5.8-inch display though not nearly as large as the massive 6.5-inch screen on the iPhone XS Max.

If youve made the decision to go with Apples more colorful iPhone, lets take a closer look at where youll be able to get it from once pre-orders start at 3:01 a.m. ET/12:01 a.m. PT on Friday. While the 64GB model costs $749, prices can vary from carrier to carrier if you opt to pay off your phone in monthly installments. Heres how your options break down.

Naturally, Apple will start taking orders on the iPhone XR this Friday, where you can get the 64GB, 128GB and 256GB configurations of the phone for $749, $799 and $899, respectively. Youll have to select from AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile and Verizon when you order from Apple — theres no unlocked option.

If youre already part of the iPhone Upgrade Program, you can go to the Apple Store app on your current iPhone to get pre-approved for your iPhone XR pre-order, saving you from having to enter all your information once pre-orders start on Friday. Customers planning to join the Upgrade Program with their iPhone XR purchase can take advantage of this, too. Apples accepting pre-order approvals through 7 p.m. ET/4 p.m. PT on Thursday (Oct. 18).

You can save on your purchase by taking advantage of Apples Giveback program, where you hand over your current phone for recycling. Apple will give you up to $525 in the form of an Apple Store Gift Card, though only a recent phone like the iPhone X will fetch that kind of return. Older models will give you a smaller rebate. (For example, my iPhone SE, still in good condition, is eligible for a $70 gift card through Apple Giveback.) Even if your old phone isnt eligible for a trade-in, Apple will still recycle it for free.

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AT&T has already posted pricing details if you buy the iPhone XR though its AT&T Next installment program. Youll pay $25 a month over 30 months for the 64GB model.

iPhone XR available for pre-order on Friday, October 19

Theres no pricing information for the iPhone XR yet at Sprint, which tends to offer 18-month leases on phones. (After 18 months of payments, you can either move on to a new phone or pay the remaining balance on your iPhone XR to own it outright.) However, Sprints pre-order page currently lets you register for priority status with the iPhone XR.

By registering for priority status at Sprint, you enter in all your information up front, Then its just a matter of going back to Sprint once pre-orders begin on Friday to confirm your iPhone XR purchase. You have until 6 p.m. ET/3 p.m. PT on Oct. 20 to confirm your pre-order.

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T-Mobile has been quietly introducing 36-month payment plans to its offerings, and thats going to be the option for the iPhone XR. The Uncarrier hasnt announced exact pricing for the iPhone XR yet, but it is touting a trade-in offer where youll be able to get the iPhone XR for as little as $10 a month over 36 months if you exchange an eligible device.

Phones eligible for some sort of trade-in discount include the iPhone 5 and later, the Galaxy S4 and later, the Note 4 and later, the LG G4 or later, the LG V10 or later, any OnePlus phone, the Motorola Nexus 6, the Motorola Z2 Force, and any Google Pixel. Its unclear which phones qualify for the maximum discount, but wed expect that youll need to trade in a newer phone to bring down your iPhone XR payment to $10 a month.

Neither Verizon nor Xfinity Mobile have revealed their iPhone XR pricing yet, though both wireless carriers have place-holder pages counting down to the beginning of pre-orders. Xfinity is offering customers a $200 gift card when they buy an iPhone XR and bring their number over to the Xfinity wireless service. Well update this story once we have have more information on iPhone XR pricing.

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