4 tips if youre headed to Syracuse-Clemson: Parking, fresh air, how to meet Dwight Freeney – Syracuse.com

4 tips if you\re headed to Syracuse-Clemson: Parking, fresh air, how to meet Dwight Freeney - Syracuse.com

Swinney says it will take “mental toughness” to win at Syracuse

The Carrier Dome is going to welcome its first sellout crowd since 1998. Here's a few things you should know before you try to navigate the campus. (Dennis Nett | [email protected])

Syracuse, N.Y. — The Syracuse-Clemson game on Saturday is expected to be the schools first sellout crowd for a football game since 1998. Not surprisingly, the Carrier Dome and its surrounding areas will be a little more hectic and a little more challenging to navigate than it has been on most football Saturdays since then.

Share All sharing options Share All sharing options for: What exactly happened to Syracuse on Saturday remains confusing Reddit Pocket Flipboard Email Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports You dont need to be told that the Syracuse Orange looked out of sorts in Saturdays loss to Maryland; no one does. The fact is irrefutable, but the why is whats in question. We had some takeaways immediately after the game, though it doesnt necessarily diagnose how we got to the point where SU was allowing 63 points and putting up little resistance against a team like Maryland.

Perhaps the most critical thing to note is that your parking options are limited. The school has sold out its lots in the West Campus Area. Fans who havent already obtained a parking pass can use the University Avenue or Booth garages for $25 or the Manley and Skytop Parking Lots for $20.

The Daily Oranges Andrew Graham dug into the mystery of how this happened — and how to stop it from occurring again — and sort of came up empty following Dino Baberss own remarks after the game. The main takeaway was that Syracuse needs to focus on what it does best and regroup (another remark was around rebooting things). But thats rather vague and doesnt really get to the reasons behind how they were so caught off-guard defensively, and why the offense has yet to really ramp up to what its supposed to be capable of.

The parking lots will open at 3 p.m. with shuttles starting at 4 p.m. The Dome gates will open at 5:30 p.m., two hours before kickoff for the 7:30 game.

Syracuse has played Clemson as well as any team in the country the past two years, including Alabama. The Tigers suffered a 27-24 loss in their last trip to the Carrier Dome in 2017 and had to rally from behind for a 27-23 home win last year. The 2017 loss was Clemsons most recenter loss in the regular season. Syracuses hurry-up offense has caused the Clemson defense some problems in the past…

In addition to parking, Syracuse also has multiple ride-share drop-off locations this year. Along with one at the base of Crouse College that was used last year, there is a second located in the circle outside of Brewster Hall.

JS: Then they went on a run of their own. But I also think that the defensive line’s a big thing here because they played well the last two games against Clemson, there’s no reason to think that they can’t get more than one sack which they had against Maryland last week. I understand, Dino today was very fair in the fact that Clemson’s offensive line is very good. The protection is very good. They beat ‘Bama by a lot of points. Every part of Clemson is very good, but I think in the Carrier Dome, at home, with one of the biggest crowds they’ve had in 20-some-odd years probably going back to the McNabb era, I think there’s a chance that the defense gets rolling a little bit. It’s all the first quarter and we’re getting into predictions I think a little bit here which I wanted to do here anyway. But to me this game, Syracuse probably loses by two to three touchdowns. I’m in the 17 point is what I’m thinking. But I think it’s a game for maybe the first half, maybe even three quarters. It’s the same concept where Syracuse thinks that if they get over 80 plays, they can turn on a team right? That’s when the guy, if you’re going straight at and blocking a guy, that’s when he starts to fold at the hips a little bit because he’s tired. That’s when Clemson having all five-stars and backup five-stars and just a deeper depth chart than you starts to fold you like it happened last year. And I think that could happen again this year but I don’t think that Syracuse can’t hang around at all, it’s just having it not be Lamar Jackson in 2016.

ACC power rankings: Clemson remains No. 1, but there is new No. 2 after Week 2 games

The Cuse on the Quad event will also begin at 4 p.m. Thats a Syracuse-run tailgate with free admission that has been upgraded over the past two seasons.

AG: This is a little nebulous, but I think, and this is a point where I do, I tend to agree with Syracuse’s players and coaching staff, is they, in their first two games, more or less didn’t have much of a clue as to what they would consistently see from their opponent. Liberty, obviously, no game film. Maryland, you get one unrepresentative sample against a clearly not good Howard team where they had two special teams touchdowns or one and a blocked punt for a safety and a kick return for a touchdown. So they didn’t really know what to expect. That will not be the case with Clemson. They have plenty of film on Dabo Swinney’s Clemson. They played Dabo Swinney’s Clemson with Trevor Lawrence last year. There’s no secrets about what they’re going to get, and that helps a bit at least in terms of, we saw the defense get lost on assignments on Saturday, not just get beat deep on a route because they didn’t turn their hips quick enough and a guy ran past them. They were running to the wrong player and two guys were covering one guy when a safety was supposed to go deep with the outside receiver and he just got wide open. That sort of thing. I don’t think we’ll see that as much with Clemson because they are more familiar. The issue then, is well they might be scheming them correctly, Clemson just has the athletes and the players that it doesn’t even matter and they’re going to make plays anyway.

Syracuse footballs expected issues in preseason showed at Maryland (what we learned)

Along with having food available for purchase, the event will include music by country musician Eric Chesser, a display with the American Football Coaches Association, a chance to meet former All-American Dwight Freeney and televisions with other football games on them.

AG: Oh no, I have to give him the shoutout for this. This is far smarter than what we were doing previously. But back to the point about DeVito. He might not be the playmaker in this offense. It could be, I mean we saw Trishton Jackson go off for like seven catches and a 100-plus yards and two touchdowns, but it could be Sean Riley, it could be Moe Neal on a given day. I just don’t think, the offense doesn’t, it hasn’t run through DeVito yet. I’m not saying it can’t or won’t, but if they’re going to have that passing attack that they want to, it’ll have to run through DeVito and I haven’t seen the offense truly flow through the quarterback like it did when it was Eric Dungey was the offense and everything else was sort of ancillary to him.

Clemson is 2nd-most expensive Carrier Dome ticket since 2010

After a standout career at Syracuse, Freeney played 16 seasons in the NFL, played in seven Pro Bowls and won a Super Bowl with the Indianapolis Colts.

“Yeah I was pretty surprised,” Swinney said. “But Ive been in games like that. Maryland played Howard, 79-0, and only ran four plays. Dont know anything about their personnel. While new coaching staff so new tape. Bring in a bunch of transfers that you dont know anything about. All of a sudden on the road, Maryland gets a couple big plays and momentum… just got away from them. By the time they started moving the ball, the score was out of control. So by then everything is different. Maryland is better than people thought, and Syracuse was probably not as prepared as they wanted to be. So you just throw it out the window. Theyre a lot better football team than they played last week.” 

Brian Ward on Syracuse D after UMD loss: We have to be better and we will be

As any Syracuse fan knows, the Carrier Dome is not air-conditioned and a sellout crowd has the potential to create a very hot environment inside on Saturday night.

“It’s a confined space, so there’s just an echo, if you will,” Swinney said. “There’s nowhere for the noise to go, so it stays in there. You let them get it going in there it’ll get rocking. They do a nice job up there, and I think they’re expecting one of the biggest crowds they’ve had in a long time. I think that’s exciting. It’s a night game. I think it’s ABC. We’ve got a national audience. Everybody wants to put their best foot forward, and that includes the fans. The fans will show up and they’ll do an awesome job there. They always do.

Syracuse is allowing fans to bring in two unopened bottles of water to each game this season, and has also moved its metal detectors and security screening on the quad side of the Carrier Dome out toward the quad. That will allow fans who have passed through screening to leave the Dome during the game and use those areas to grab some fresh air.

Weve created a little bit of perimeter outside the facility for people to maybe move around outside the facility once theyve been through the screening, Sala said. That makes a nice, nice area for people to, maybe, go outside for some fresh air. We know its going to be awful stuffy in the building. It always is and people want to go outside. … Its an option when the game is going on. If they need to stretch their legs or get some fresh air, its something they can do.”

The Tar Heels continue to show upward mobility in Mack Browns second tour of duty in Chapel Hill. North Carolina followed up its opening-week upset of South Carolina by knocking off Miami last week to move to 2-0 and establish itself as an early contender in the Coastal Division, where anything is possible. Freshman quarterback Sam Howell has been impressive so far, playing with a confidence that belies his youth.

The halftime ceremony will include a jersey retirement ceremony for former star Tim Green. The school is encouraging fans to wear Orange and calling the game an Orange Out.

Duke has found its replacement for Daniel Jones with Quentin Harris, who accounted for five touchdowns in the Blue Devils victory at Rice last week. With Harris continuing to find his groove, the Blue Devils should move to 2-1 this week. After playing Alabama in the season opener, all other games must seem rather winnable for Coach David Cutcliffes bunch.

The school will be selling orange Tim Green T-shirts. The school said a portion of the proceeds will go to Greens Tackle ALS Fundraiser, which is a fundraising effort started by Green to raise money to research and fight the disease. According to the Tackle ALS Facebook page, the T-shirts will cost $26, and $3 from each shirt will be donated to the organization.

Why Syracuse has been such a tough place for Clemson to play

The school will also the 1959 national championship team during the first quarter. This is the 60th anniversary of SUs only national championship in football.

One more play worth highlighting: DeVitos second fourth-down throwaway. On a 4th and 3 early in the final frame, UMD defensive lineman Lawtez Rogers made a delayed twist from the interior around the right side. Vettorello never saw him coming — possibly an issue solved by communication — and DeVito threw the pass away with Rogers bearing down. His first read, slot receiver Sean Riley had a defender draped over him by the first-down line.

CLEMSON – Top-ranked Clemson has won the first two home games of the season but takes to the road Saturday to play Syracuse, and head coach Dabo Swinney is excited about the challenge.

Credit to UMDs safeties for coming downhill and stopping intermediate gains — and as Babers said, SU went away from the ground game as its deficit grew — but a more consistent running game will punish defenses for doing this. That means second-level blocks from the linemen and tight ends (something UMD did well out of similar formations), and broken tackles from the running backs. 

The Orange defeated Clemson in the Carrier Dome two years ago – starting quarterback Kelly Bryant was knocked out of the game early – and the Tigers used a late drive to defeat the Syracuse a year ago in Death Valley.

Our second look at the contest can be condensed as such: Syracuses perceived problems going into the year — a young and thin offensive line, as well as green linebackers — were the primary areas exposed by the Terps. Well touch on other woes of the team as well, including miscommunications in the secondary, as we move through this weeks notebook.

Swinney previews Syracuse at Tuesday news conference

“Excited about the challenge this week and taking this team on the road. Obviously, we have not done that yet,” Swinney said during his Tuesday press conference. “Weve had two good opponents here in the Valley. Excited about how our team as improved to his point but we still have a long way to go. Definitely off to a good start. Were 2-0 and thats where we wanted to be. We have a lot of improving to do if we want to get where we want to get to. The next goal for us is to win the division, so that start this week.

Syracuse is expecting its first football sellout in more than two decades – the last Carrier Dome sellout was during Donovan McNabbs senior year in 1998. The school said Monday that fewer than 175 tickets were remaining, all of which were available only by purchasing season tickets.

“First division game for us, on the road at a place where we lost two years ago, great environment. They do an awesome job up there and were going to have to play well. Its as simple as that.” eval(ez_write_tag([[580,400],tigernet_com-medrectangle-4,ezslot_0,183,0, 0]));

According to SeatGeek, the average ticket price for Saturdays game on the secondary market is $139. Since 2010, when SeatGeek started tracking the market, the only game in the Carrier Dome with a higher average price was West Virginia in 2011 at $159.

Clemson Football: 5 storylines to watch vs. Syracuse 2019

“Weve got a lot of respect for Syracuse. They beat us two years ago and then last year had us on the mat for a two count,” he said. “We were able to get up and be able to find a way to win the game. Very fortunate. I have a lot of respect for Syracuse. Our team has a lot of respect for Syracuse. Dino has done a great job up there. Were very well aware of the type of effort, energy, toughness that we will face in this Syracuse team.”

Despite the overall excitement, Syracuses loss to Maryland on Saturday hit the secondary market hard. The average price of $139 for Clemson is down 16 percent since the Oranges 63-20 loss to the Terps in College Park, according to SeatGeek.

So about Syracuse football opening with two straight road games…

Syracuse lost 63-20 at Maryland last week, but Swinney knows the Tigers will get the Oranges best shot.

If any group can respond, its this group, Ward said. “Obviously, you lean heavily on your leadership right now and just get back to basics. Because where we lost, it was in the details. It was in the little details, and thats top to bottom, starting with me all the way down to our our off-the-field coaches.

Syracuse football hoping to continue weird QB trend vs Clemson Tigers

Last weeks game got away from them but that wont be the version of Syracuse that well see. Were excited about the challenge, he said. Its the next step for us. If were going to be a great team then you have to be able to win on the road. It takes mental toughness. It takes maturity. It takes a lot of discipline and focus and communication to be able to execute offensively, especially. Defensively, its quiet so its a different deal when they go on the road. The defense takes that energy so its different on the road. Just maturity and mental toughness to go and really execute at a high level in a tough environment. Thats what were looking for this week.

Theyve got a good team. Obviously, their quarterback (Tommy DeVito) is a veteran guy. Hes been around and he knows their system, Swinney said. “Hes athletic, he can throw the football, hes confident, hes got good size. Theyve rotated three backs in there and all of them can make plays. Got good receivers. No. 86 has made a couple of big plays early. eval(ez_write_tag([[300,250],tigernet_com-box-4,ezslot_1,188,0, 0]));

Ward said he believed his defense had turned the corner from those collapses. SU was among the nations leaders in sacks, turnovers forced and third-down efficiency last fall. The group, which lost only three starters, dominated against Liberty, an admittedly lesser opponent in Week 1.

Defensively, two All-American ends that are going to play on Sunday, no doubt about it. A couple of All-American candidates in the secondary. One of their better d-tackles has been out and Im not sure if hes going to play this week. Its going to be a tough matchup, simple as that. This is a division game and everybody knows whats at stake. We know a lot about them. They know a lot about us. It comes down to execution in a tough environment. Looking forward to heading up there. Were healthy. Were in a good place. Guys are excited about continuing to get better.

I thought the entire defense played extremely hard, Babers said. Now, playing hard and not being in the right place still adds up to the same score. There was effort. They didnt give up. But they were in the wrong place and the wrong calls, and theres missed tackles. And when theres not communication, when communications not received and you miss your tackles, its going to make it look really, really bad.

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