Vallejo kidnapper could cross-examine woman hes also accused of raping

Vallejo kidnapper could cross-examine woman he\s also accused of raping

Im Not Guilty: Matthew Muller Gives Jailhouse Interview About Bizarre Kidnapping, Assault on Vallejo Couple

The man convicted in the bizarre “Gone Girl” kidnapping and assault involving a Vallejo couple in 2015 told NBC Bay Area hes not guilty during an exclusive jailhouse interview Wednesday night.

Matthew Muller, a Harvard-educated lawyer, also is accused of raping Denise Huskins and assaulting her boyfriend Aaron Quinn. He is defending himself, acting as his own attorney, and on Wednesday night, he broke his silence.

RAW: Vallejo Kidnap Suspect Gives Jailhouse InterviewIn an exclusive interview, NBC Bay Area reporter Jodi Hernandez talks in detail with Matthew Muller, the man convicted in the bizarre "Gone Girl" kidnapping and assault on a Vallejo couple.

“I want them to know I am and remain extremely sorry for their ordeal, and I have done what I can,” he said.

Prosecutors say Muller entered the couples Vallejo home as they slept, tied them up, drugged them then kidnapped and raped Huskins. Vallejo police initially deemed the crime a hoax plotted by the two victims, thus drawing comparisons to the 2014 thriller “Gone Girl.”

Muller pleaded guilty in federal court last year to the kidnapping charge in exchange for a 40-year sentence. But on Wednesday, he said he plans to fight state charges he kidnapped and raped Huskins and falsely imprisoned her fiancé.

“It’s pretty simple. I’m not guilty,” Muller said, adding that he wanted to help the couple in some way but was not mentally sound when he took the federal deal. “I fell in severe depression while at the Sacramento jail. I didn’t care what happened to me.”

Muller is married now and has hopes of seeing freedom someday. He plans to use a mental illness defense as he fights the charges. He says there’s much more to the bizarre case that he plans to reveal.

“Id really love to take the stand and be asked questions, and I don’t have to think about anything again, just telling the truth,” he said. “It’s a very intricate story, but it also a true one. Truth is stranger than fiction sometimes, but it will come out, and there’s evidence for exactly what happened.”

Muller is scheduled to appear next week in a preliminary hearing, and he likely will directly question Huskins and Quinn. But he says he doesn’t want to cause them any more pain.

“I understand Huskins and Quinn’s wedding is coming up soon,” Muller said. “I did not control the timing on this. To suggest somehow I’ve plotted to make this happen right before they got married is ridiculous.”

VALLEJO (CBS13) — The man convicted in federal court in the infamous kidnapping-for-ransom case initially called a hoax by Vallejo police is now headed for a Solano County courtroom.

The Solano County District Attorney is charging Matthew Muller with six new counts connected to the kidnapping case, including kidnap for ransom, rape, and false imprisonment.

A Solano County court commissioner has granted Muller the right to act as his own attorney and he can cross-examine his very victims—Denise Huskins and Aaron Quinn.

CBS13 has learned that Huskins and Quinn received subpoenas Wednesday from the Solano County District Attorney to appear in court for a preliminary hearing.

This is pretty freakish stuff, Quinns attorney Dan Russo said. Even in my universe—and Ive done capital cases, horrible, horrible cases—this is almost unique.

This is his golden opportunity to inflict more injury on people but to also draw attention to himself, Russo said.

By acting as his own attorney, Muller will also be granted access to prosecutors’ evidence, including two videos he allegedly recorded showing Huskins rapes.

I think its going to be a terrible experience for them, Russo said. How can it not be a terrible experience for them?

Muller is already serving a 40-year sentence in federal prison after pleading guilty to a single count of kidnapping. If convicted on the new Solano County charges against him. he could be sentenced to life behind bars.

The timing of the case couldnt come at more stressful for the couple Denise Huskins and Aaron Quinn. This preliminary hearing court date is set for Tuesday. Their wedding is the following Saturday.

I hope the prosecution makes mincemeat out of Muller on cross-examination. This lowlife needs to rot in prison for raping Huskins a while back during a kidnapping and for raping her again in the courtroom .by being allowed to interview her. Disgusting.

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