Waco: Conservative activist blasts Wacos summer Freedom School – KWTX

Waco: Conservative activist blasts Waco\s summer Freedom School - KWTX

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WACO, Texas (KWTX) A conservative activist who investigated Wacos summer Freedom School program told McLennan County Republicans Tuesday, “Theres a culture war for the hearts and souls of our children.

Anne Newman the founder of SpeakUP TX, was asked to speak about her investigation of the summer literacy program during which students were show the documentary, “Valentines Road”, about a boy who wore dresses at times, asked his classmate to be his valentine and then was shot in the head in the classroom.

Newman told her audience the Freedom School did not have any curriculum “So I couldnt even see what they were teaching when I sent a public records request.”

She also pointed out that the students participated in the National Day of Social Action, calling attention to the issue of gun violence.

“Theres a culture war for the hearts and souls of our children and future by indoctrinating children in radical leftist agendas including LGBT issues, gender ideology and social justice, she said.

The Freedom School program, a cooperative effort involving the Baylor School of Education, the Waco school district, Transformation Waco, Prosper Waco and the City of Waco, is a seven-week summer literacy enrichment founded by the Childrens Defense Fund.

Throughout the program, children are exposed to culturally relevant books and meet with community guests to learn how to be agents of change in their local areas, Baylors online description of the program says.

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