Sen. Elizabeth Warren Calls for Trump to Be Impeached – Rolling Stone

Sen. Elizabeth Warren Calls for Trump to Be Impeached - Rolling Stone

From total exoneration to total bullsh**: Trump lingers on damning report

The House should initiate impeachment proceedings against the President of the United States,” the 2020 Democratic presidential candidate said

On Friday, Sen. Elizabeth Warren made it abundantly clear what she thinks should happen now that the redacted version of the Mueller report has been released—”impeachment proceedings against the President of the United States” should begin.

Trump blames McGahn after Mueller paints damning portrait with notes from White House aides

Mueller put the next step in the hands of Congress: Congress has authority to prohibit a Presidents corrupt use of his authority in order to protect the integrity of the administration of justice. The correct process for exercising that authority is impeachment.

The severity of this misconduct demands that elected officials in both parties set aside political considerations and do their constitutional duty. That means the House should initiate impeachment proceedings against the President of the United States.

She then appeared on MSNBC’s The Rachel Maddow Show to elaborate further. Maddow started by stating the concerns raised by others about going down the impeachment road and then asked the candidate what made her decide to take this step, “Well, I read the [Mueller] report,” Warren answered.

When Warren finished reading the entire report, she said she “realized that this is about a point of principle.” She went on to say, “The report is absolutely clear that a foreign government attacked our electoral system to help Donald Trump. He welcomed that help. And then when it was investigated by our own federal authorities Donald Trump took multiple steps to try to obstruct justice.”

The Mueller Report: A New Tell-All About Trumps White House

Warren said she understands why some think impeachment is too hard to tackle politically. But, she explained, “This is not about politics. This isn’t even specifically about Donald Trump himself. It is about what a president of the United States should be able to do and what the role of Congress is.”

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Maddow then asked Warren if impeachment proceedings were to be successful in the Democratic-majority House, but fail in the Republican held Senate, would she still think it was a “worthy use of resources and time?” Warren said yes, and explained: “Each person has to stand up and be counted… When it’s beyond politics. When it is a point of principle to stand up and say no president can do this.”

Warren added that advocating for impeachment hearings wasn’t “what I had planned to do” while running for president. But after reading the report, she said, “I do believe that the evidence is just overwhelming that Donald Trump has committed these offenses and that means we should open proceedings.”

So far Warren is the only 2020 presidential candidate to push hard for impeachment. However, Julian Castro, the former secretary of Housing and Urban Development, who is also a democratic presidential candidate, did tell CNN’s Anderson Cooper on Friday, that “It would be perfectly reasonable for Congress to open up [impeachment] proceedings.” And that the Congress would “decide whether they’re going to go down that route. For me, I’m running for president.”

Earlier today, I told @AC360 that I think it would be perfectly reasonable for Congress to open up impeachment hearings against President Trump. Robert Mueller clearly left that option in the hands of Congress.

But that’s far from a full-throated call to oust an elected president from office as Warren did.

ImagePresident Trump, post-Mueller report, at Palm Beach International Airport in Florida on Thursday.CreditCreditSarah Silbiger/The New York TimesWASHINGTON — When it comes to presidential obstruction, at least Watergate started with a crime. A stupid crime, but a crime.

After 675 days, more than 2,800 subpoenas, nearly 500 search warrants, $30 million spent, endless jaw-jaw on cable and countless whiny Trump tweets, we have come down to one fundamental truth.

And its the same truth that has been terrorizing us all along: Donald Trumps dirtbag machinations are driven by insane vanity.

The First Narcissists all-consuming blend of braggadocio and insecurity has turned Washington and its rickety institutions into a dystopian outpost of his id.

President Trump obstructed on nearly every page of Volume II of the Mueller report, even though Robert Mueller was too lost in legalese to throw the book at him. The report counts as the Worst Exoneration Ever, replete with incrimination.

And Trumps motivation for trying to subvert justice and turn the White House into a writhing nest of liars? His ego.

He did not want people to think that the Russians were responsible for his election and that he was an illegitimate president.

And why was this the burr under his sociopathic saddle? Obviously, because he thinks he is an illegitimate president. He never expected to win.

The idea that he is in the Oval Office under false pretenses plays into his twisted sense of victimhood. The spoiled scion of Fifth Avenue somehow always finds a way to be aggrieved, a victim of the media, the deep state, dirty cops, note-taking aides and the elites — all out to get him.

Its the same reason he is still talking at rallies about that beautiful map of his Electoral College victory, with its large swaths of red. And the same reason he focuses on ratings and crowd sizes and subscription numbers and all the other puerile citations of his ego arithmetic.

We cant know for sure if there is a more sinister reason for Trumps obstruction because Mueller didnt put him under the interrogation lights. The special counsel did not provide any insight into whether Vladimir Putin has something on him.

All we know for now is that Trumps advisers, talking under oath to federal prosecutors, attributed his actions to his fear of being seen as illegitimate.

Several advisers recalled that the president-elect viewed stories about his Russian connections, the Russia investigations and the intelligence community assessment of Russian interference as a threat to the legitimacy of his electoral victory, noted Volume II (which makes for far superior reading to Volume I).

Hope Hicks, the former Trump communications director, told investigators that Trump considered the assessment his Achilles heel because if people thought Russia helped him win, it would take away from his own accomplishment. Sean Spicer, Rick Gates and Reince Priebus echoed this point.

In other words, boss man, as Hicks called him, would be that most dreaded thing, the thing his father taught him to scorn, a loser, and he would be the thing he falsely accused Barack Obama of — illegitimate.

Despite the American carnage shown in the report, Republicans were mostly staring uncomfortably at their wingtips. Angry Democrats, if they had their way, would put Trump protector William Barr in the dock, right beside Trump.

The closest we get to a hero in the sordid report — as opposed to Kenneth Starrs lurid report — is the former White House counsel Don McGahn.

While Trump was a whirl of ignorance, vindictiveness and self-destruction, some advisers stopped him from going over the edge by ignoring his crazy shit, as McGahn called it. When Trump complained that McGahn was taking notes, unlike Roy Cohn, McGahn explained that real lawyers take notes.

The president called McGahn at home twice on June 17, 2017 — which happened to be the 45th anniversary of the Watergate burglary — to order injustice at Justice by telling Rod Rosenstein to fire Mueller. Trump was using a lame pretext of a conflict of interest involving the Trump golf club in Virginia where Mueller had once been a member.

McGahn recalled the president telling him Mueller has to go and Call me back when you do it, the report stated.

The White House counsel knew to hit the brakes and shelve Trumps demand. As the report noted: McGahn was concerned about having any role in asking the acting attorney general to fire the special counsel because he had grown up in the Reagan era and wanted to be more like Judge Robert Bork and not Saturday Night Massacre Bork.

The thuggish Don in the White House obviously regards McGahn as his Sammy the Bull rat, calling him a lying bastard. On Friday, the president tweeted, not so cryptically: Watch out for people that take so-called notes, when the notes never existed until needed, and later tweeted that it was finally time to turn the tables on some of those who have crossed him.

Of course, McGahn, the shaggy-haired libertarian who plays guitar in an 80s cover band, needed to put up with the volatile president long enough to fulfill his own agenda: cementing the conservative majority on the Supreme Court and salting lower federal courts with hard-right conservatives who are going to be around for decades.

McGahn did Trump two huge favors. He kept him from firing Mueller, which would have put a nail in the presidential coffin. And he delivered Trumps greatest triumph on the right, conspiring with Mitch McConnell to fill the courts with socially conservative judges intent on undoing government regulation.

Ironically, Trumps most lasting legacy was engineered by the same guy who shivved the president hardest in the Mueller report.

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