Elizabeth Warrens latest hurdle to the presidency: Democrats belief women face tougher fight against Trump – USA TODAY

Elizabeth Warrens latest hurdle to the presidency: Democrats\ belief women face tougher fight against Trump - USA TODAY

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Joe Biden reclaimed his spot two weeks ago as the most-covered 2020 Democratic presidential candidate across both television and online news. He continued that trend this past week, but a closer look at coverage across CNN, MSNBC and Fox News shows some interesting differences in how the three news channels are covering the 2020 field.

The bar chart below shows the number of mentions for each candidate from Sept. 2-7 on CNN, MSNBC and Fox using data from the Internet Archive’s Television News Archive as processed by the GDELT Project. (More detail on the search terms used for each candidate is available here.)

Biden clearly has a commanding lead over his rivals, yet a closer look is instructive. The bar chart below limits the graph above to just candidate mentions on CNN and ranks the candidates according to that metric. Here the ordering at the top is roughly identical, though Elizabeth Warren and Cory Booker received the exact same number of mentions, whereas in the graph above Booker had just half the mentions of Warren.  Biden has 1.77 times as much coverage as Bernie Sanders.

Moreover, as Silver points out, Warrens plans tend to favor pandering over policy. Blue states like Vermont, California, and New York could get single-payer math to work. Warren opposes nuclear power, even though it represents one-fifth of all energy generation in the United States and close to 55 percent of the carbon-free energy in this country. (When Vermont shuttered its nuclear plant, its carbon emissions increased.) Warren also wants to ban fracking, although natural gas produces about half as much carbon dioxide as coal and is largely responsible for the reductions in U.S. carbon emissions over the past eight years.

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Looking at mentions on Fox News, the top three of Biden, Sanders and Warren holds, but Bill de Blasio rockets to fourth position, up from 14th on CNN. On Fox News, Biden received 2.5 times as many mentions as second-place Sanders.

Turning to MSNBC, Biden has 2.3 times the mentions of the next candidate, but this time it is Warren in second place, rather than Sanders. As on CNN, Booker moves into fourth place.

However, were she to win the Democratic nomination, the limits of her strategy would become more obvious. President Trump ran and won as a heterodox candidate. He was seen as a more moderate candidate than not only Hillary Clinton, but also past GOP nominees. Heterodoxy also served George W. Bush well as a compassionate conservative appealing to so-called soccer moms, Bill Clinton running as a third way Democrat, and even Jimmy Carter running as a moderate and a born-again Christian.

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Perhaps the most interesting graph is the one below, showing the combined number of mentions of the 2020 field across the three channels. It seems Fox News paid the most attention to the race last week, covering the candidates 1.17 times more than MSNBC and 2.36 times more than CNN.

David Brooks, recently revisiting the book, notes that Warren was not arguing to turn back the clock on women in the workforce. Rather, she supported school choice and vouchers to free parents from a system of lousy public schools and economically burdensome private ones. She also criticized liberal, taxpayer-funded daycare proposals as punishing stay-at-home parents. Warren even recognized how taxpayer subsidies bloat the cost of higher education, and that housing is over-regulated.

The same graph, but showing all mentions of the candidates since Jan. 1, 2019, can be seen below. Here MSNBC is in the lead, but Fox News is second with CNN third. It seems that even when looking across the entire past year, CNN has paid slightly less attention to the 2020 race than its peers.

For now, Warrens journey from heterodoxy to orthodoxy is working. She has risen to second place, mostly on the strength of the most tuned-in, most liberal voters. This might seem odd in a race with Sanders, but it appears the activist class is figuring out that running a self-identifying socialist is probably a bad idea. Accordingly, Warren is attracting the enthusiasm and crowds of… Howard Dean in the early stages of the 2004 primary campaign.

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In the end, Biden, Warren and Sanders make up the top three no matter what cable news channel you look at, but MSNBC has slightly favored Warren (behind Biden) in terms of mentions, whereas Sanders takes the number two slot on CNN and Fox News. The rest of the field varies across all three outlets, reminding us that the image we see of the 2020 race depends on where we look.

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Joe Biden is not the man! It seems Bidens only reason for running is to remove President Trump from office. He doesnt appear to have a coherent platform or a program to offer – or even really to want the job. What he does offer to the American people is very much the same bipartisan governing he and President Obama tried to implement unsuccessfully for eight years. Neither Obama nor Biden was able to overcome the uncompromising Republican Congress on key issues, and we remained stuck in limbo until Trump was elected. The bipartisan idea proved to be pure fantasy, given who were entrenched in the Senate. We dont need more fantasy government.

The Earth is on fire, and Donald Trump has a pocket full of matches which he gleefully uses on a daily basis. Mark my words: If Joe Biden is the Democratic candidate, he will lose terribly to Trump. We need a Warren or a Sanders or an Ocasio-Cortez. We Democrats need to wake up, stop palavering and do what it takes.

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