Apples iPhone XS looks terrific, but the iPhone you already have is about to feel brand new

Apple\s iPhone XS looks terrific, but the iPhone you already have is about to feel brand new

The iPhone XR just killed the Pixel 3 and every other 2018 Android flagship

After launching new iteration of iPhones globally earlier this week, Apple has officially announced price cut for its current line-up of iPhones already on sale in the domestic market. As per the report from GadgetsNow, the American tech giant decided to slash the prices of iPhone X, iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 plus and other models after launching the new 2018 iPhones. As a reminder, the company rolled out three new iPhones – iPhone XS, XS Max and XR alongside new Apple Watch Series 4. It is also reported that iPhone 6 and SE are likely to be discontinued. New Apple Watch Series 4 Launched Globally; Prices, Features, Specifications – All You Need To Know

In the US market, the company completely discontinued iPhone X before launching the new 2018 iPhone XS. However, the Indian variant of the iPhone X saw a price cut likewise the previous iterations of iPhones. Apple Introduces eSIM Connectivity in iPhone XS Max, iPhone XS & iPhone XR; Heres All You Need to Know About It and How to Install It.

“Apple brand aficionados who want to own the latest device and own the X will be ready to pay anyway to get the XS or XS Max,” he told Business Insider via email, adding that for most others “who do not renew their smartphone every year or so, the X is still largely good enough for their needs. I dont think [discontinuation] will impact its resale value.”

Theres a good working theory about why Apple discontinued the iPhone X, the best phone its ever made, only a year after announcing it

When the iPhone X arrived last year with its all-screen design, sophisticated Face ID authentication, and a mobile processor faster than anything the competition could produce, it must have sent Apple’s rivals into panic mode. The only relief was that $999 price tag, which would ensure the phone wouldn’t be accessible to people who weren’t looking to spend quite that much on a new smartphone. Even still, people lined up to buy the phone around the world last November, and Apple struggled to meet demand until Christmas.

Fast-forward to a year later and we have now the cheaper version of the iPhone X we’ve been waiting for. This time around, the iPhone XR is going to be a real nightmare for all Android phones. That’s because it’s got the same all-screen design as the iPhone X, an even faster Face ID camera, and a mobile processor that seems out of this world. And it all starts at $749.

Reports that the iPhone XR, which starts at $749 and features a so-called Liquid Retina LCD display, was facing supply issues floated around over this past summer. In July, Japanese blog Macotakara reported that supplier Japan Display had low yields in manufacturing the LCD panels. Ryan Reith, IDCs vice president of research on mobile devices, told The Verge in a phone interview that more specifically, it likely wasnt a hardware issue. Everything weve been hearing, its been an issue on the software side, he said, Theres a lot of software involved with the LCD screen, as its the first [LCD display] with a notch and full screen.

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Apple iPhone XS, XS Max preorders kick off, some models sell out

Let that sink in for a moment. The iPhone XR isn’t some dumbed down “Lite” version of a flagship phone, which is what Android phone makers do on a regular basis. The iPhone XR is an iPhone XS when it comes to most of its hardware. It’s got a bigger screen than the XS even though it trades OLED for LCD. The main camera is identical to one of the cameras from the XS’s dual-lens setup. The Pixel 3 phones, which are not even official, are also expected to offer single-lens cameras on the back. Finally, the iPhone XR also has an aluminum frame instead of stainless steel, which isn’t necessarily a trade-off. And battery life is superior to the iPhone 8 Plus by some 90 minutes.

Share Share Recode Daily: Apples new iPhones, Ubers new logo, Juuls new problem share tweet Linkedin Reddit Pocket Flipboard Email Apple Chief Design Officer Jony Ive and CEO Tim Cook inspect the new iPhone XR during an Apple special event at the Steve Jobs Theatre on September 12, 2018, in Cupertino, Calif. Justin Sullivan / Getty Images Apples big reveal: Tim Cook and other execs unveiled new iPhones — the XS, XS Max and XR — and a redesigned Apple Watch at the companys Cupertino mothership. In short, the XR is bigger and cheaper than last years iPhone X, but the new high-end XS line is the one with the best cameras and displays. Our sister site The Verge got some hands-on time with the giant new $1,099 iPhone XS Max, which has a 6.5-inch screen — even bigger than the latest model in Samsungs famously large Galaxy Note line — but doesnt feel unwieldy. The iPhone lineup now ranges from $449 to $1,149. The new Apple Watch Series 4 lineup has larger displays and rounder corners, and is the first to include an ECG test for more sophisticated heartbeat measurement — even approved by the U.S. FDA. Apple did not update its popular AirPods, and theres still no sign of AirPower, its all-in-one wireless charger pad. [Dan Frommer / Recode]

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Theres a good working theory about why Apple discontinued the iPhone X, the best phone its ever made, only a year after announcing it (AAPL)

One other difference concerns RAM and flash storage. Apple never talks about RAM, but rumors said the cheaper phone would sport 3GB instead of 4GB of RAM like the other two versions. As for storage, we’re looking at 64GB, 128GB, and 256GB options, which is on par with what’s available from top Android handsets out there.

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All of that starts at just $749. It’s still expensive, yes, but it’s on par with or cheaper than comparable devices from Android phone makers. Not to mention that the notch design isn’t a barrier anymore, if it ever was one. Android phone companies, Google included, turned the iPhone X notch into a must-have feature. It’s something expected from Android phones, flagships included.

Last years iPhone X proved to be popular, despite its higher price tag. Apple sold 41.3 million iPhones in its most recent quarter, nearly flat compared to the previous years 41.03 million but better than some analysts expected. The company said the device was its best-selling iPhone since it hit the market in early November, and its helped the average selling price of Apples devices jump above $700. In the fiscal third quarter that ended in June, the average selling price of its iPhones climbed to $724 from $606 a year ago.

But the iPhone XR will deliver performance far beyond what most Android rivals can offer, whether they’re iPhone X clones or not, for a price that will beat Android for a change.

While Apple does leave some clues such as shifting estimated shipping times for preorders, its hard to tell how well devices actually sell. Preorder availability fluctuates based on how many devices the company can pre-produce ahead of their launch. About a half hour into preorders opening up Friday, many models still appeared to be available for for in-store pickup or to be shipped to customers homes on launch day. In the past, some iPhone models have sold out in less than 10 minutes. 

Let’s not forget that phones including the Galaxy Note 9 and the upcoming Pixel 3 XL will cost more than the iPhone XR. These devices are iPhone X rivals at best, relying on 2018 hardware. All of a sudden, a “cheap” iPhone will be a much better deal than an Android flagship.

“Apple brand aficionados who want to own the latest device and own the X will be ready to pay anyway to get the XS or XS Max,” he told Business Insider via email, adding that for most others “who do not renew their smartphone every year or so, the X is still largely good enough for their needs. I dont think [discontinuation] will impact its resale value.”

Add to that the fact that Apple will actually support the iPhone XR for a few years when it comes to (fast) software updates, and you’ve got one more significant advantage over most Android phones. Even the fact that the iPhone XR is available in a plethora of exciting colors at launch is a plus when comparing the handset to its biggest rivals, Pixel 3 included.

The closest iPhone XS/XR rival running Android will be the Huawei Mate 20 Pro that’s coming next month. And it’ll be interesting to see whether Huawei can beat the iPhone XR when it comes to price.

The Watch Edition models are among several products Apple appears to have pruned from its lineup on Wednesday as it introduced new watches and iPhones. It also apparently discontinued four iPhone models, including the last with headphone jacks— the iPhone X, SE, 6S and 6S Plus. Additionally, the company removed all mention of the AirPower wireless charging device it announced last year but never shipped.

A while ago, I said that the iPhone X’s notch sets the perfect trap for Android, forcing most companies to copy the notch without faithfully replicating the all-screen design or investing in 3D face authentication. All the while, I said Apple would continue to refine the design of the iPhone X and improve its features, to ultimately remove the notch. Android phone makers will have a harder time keeping the pace with Apple’s innovations.

Introduced when Apple first launched its smartwatch three years ago, the Watch Edition line came with an 18-karat gold case and a starting price of $10,000. The device could be spotted on the wrist of mega-celebrities like Kanye West and Beyoncé. The following year, Apple replaced the gold cases with ceramic ones and lowered the starting price of the Watch Edition models by 88%, to that $1,250 price point.

At the time, I hadn’t even considered the fact that Apple’s own iPhone X phones would get cheaper this year, just as the competition starts raising prices for flagship handsets. That’s precisely what’s happening now. And the iPhone XR will put even more pressure on Android vendors than its predecessors.

In 2018, Science™ (or rather, The Pudding) conclusively confirmed that womens pockets suck. They especially suck for the tech-savvy, as only 40 percent of womens front pants pockets could house the iPhone Xs 5.8-inch display. Thats bad news for anyone interested in getting the XS Max (which I will hereafter refer to as the iPhone Max, just like Apple should have done). Its even larger than the iPhone X, or the XS of the same size, with a 6.5-inch display. Even the new starter iPhone XR comes with a gargantuan 6.1-inch screen. And even though the XR will have most of the features offered on the XS for less money, for some of those pondering which new phone to throw a months rent at, the choice has already been made. Because, you know, theres no room for the damn Max or XR anywhere on your person.

What’s clear is that aside from the Mate 20 Pro, which is a 2019 Android flagship launching early, the iPhone XR will have no real rival. You can forget all about the Galaxy S9, Note 9, Pixel 3 phones, OnePlus 6T, and any other hot Android phone of 2018. As for Google specifically, by the time the Pixel 4 catches up with the iPhone XS/XR when it comes to performance next year, Apple will already have a new generation of devices in stores. When that happens, this first-gen iPhone XR phone will get $100 cheaper.

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