Steelers rout Panthers, Ben Roethlisberger has 5 TDs ahead of LeVeon Bells likely return

Steelers rout Panthers, Ben Roethlisberger has 5 TDs ahead of Le\Veon Bell\s likely return

Thursday Night Football: Which Team Will Keep Their Win Streak Alive?

Per our power rankings, the Steelers come in sixth, while the Panthers rank ninth. And the two teams hold four- and three-game winning streaks, respectively.

So, who will come out on top and maintain their path to a division title? Lets dig in and find out.

Brown was sued earlier this year for allegedly throwing furniture off a 14th floor balcony, and if you’re smart enough to calculate V = gt let us know if that’s faster than a Porsche.

This matchup will have some juice, and thats thanks to two veteran signal-callers at quarterback that have been fantastic at the position in 2018.

We are aware of the situation, but we are still gathering information. We wont have any further comment at this time, the Steelers said in the obligatory and perfunctory statement.

In reviewing the 33 quarterbacks with 150 or more drop backs this year, Cam Newton has been ballin. Peeking at Passing Net Expected Points (NEP) per drop back, Newton checks in seventh with a mark of 0.22, and Ben Roethlisberger isnt too far behind him, ranking ninth (0.21). In terms of Passing Success Rate, or the percentage of drop backs resulting in positive NEP, Newton ranks 10th (51.275) and Roethlisberger slides back a bit to 15th (49.01%).

According to WPXI, Steelers wide receiver Antonio Brown  was stopped by police for speeding, and was cited for reckless driving and going in excess of 100 mph.

Both signal-callers seem very unsure about pushing the ball downfield. In terms of Average Intended Air Yards (IAY), which measures the average Air Yards a passer throws on all attempts, despite many passing weapons, Roethlisberger has posted a mediocre mark of 7.8 IAY, while Newton has been a bit farther back at 7.4 IAY. Using Week 9 as an example, where passers like Baker Mayfield (11) and Aaron Rodgers (10) led the pack in deep passes — pass attempts traveling 16+ yards, Newton (6) and Roethlisberger (5) were a little more conservative.

According to Ross Township police, officers were out looking for a suspect in a bank robbery when a black Porsche speeding by attracted their attention.

Measuring Newton as a passer only would be a disservice, and the quarterback has certainly used his legs to his advantage. Cam is lapping the field in rushing attempts, easily leading the same group with 62 carries, 342 rushing yards, and 4 rushing touchdowns.

I learned this from an old wise man: Harmony is everything. Chemistry is everything, Newton said. This may not be the best or most talented team that Ive probably ever been on, but its getting up there with guys that are really meshing and linking up perfectly. No matter how much talent youve got, no matter how much potential, skillset, whatever synonym you want to place there in the blank, harmony is so important. And it shows not only through the good times, but the bad times as well, and thats what this team is kind of developing for ourselves is — listen, we may not necessarily be the best team in the league, but we damn sure are going to be the best team when we play. And thats all that matters.

Antonio Brown cited for doing over 100 mph

Despite that lack of a deep ball, both quarterbacks are performing well from a fantasy perspective, as seen from their point-per-game and FanDuel-point-per game marks.

Cams a little faster, but they both stand tall in the pocket, they both are elusive and they both look downfield, Rivera said in comparing the quarterbacks. Its funny because I know a lot of people think about Cam as a running quarterback. But if you really get a chance to ever break him down, youll see that he will hang in the pocket a lot longer, a lot like Ben does, trying to give (receivers) a chance to free up sometimes.

In terms of situation-neutral pace, the Steelers are one of the quickest teams in the league, ranking 9th (30.03 seconds), while Carolina plods along a lot more, clocking in 25th (32.16 seconds).

Panthers owner David Tepper coyly hints at timeline for new facility

As weird and difficult as things have and continue to be in Pittsburgh at the running back position, it went to a whole new level yesterday:

Roethlisberger has thrown more than Newton this season. Roethlisberger has completed 222-of-344 passes for 2,560 yards with 16 touchdowns and seven interceptions. Newton has completed 177-of-263 passes for 1,893 yards with 15 touchdowns and four interceptions. Newton has a higher passer rating (100.8 to 93.9), and hes run for 342 yards and four touchdowns, too, in 2018.

Trolling upside tweets or not, holding out this season in hopes of a large offseason contract, LeVeon Bell has given way to James Conner, who has been fantastic for the Steelers. Among the 34 running backs with 75 or more carries this year, Conner ranks 11th in Rushing NEP per carry (0.04). In terms of Rushing Success Rate, Conner has been strong as well, clocking in 10th (43.71%). Conner leads the AFC in rushing yards (706), and he ranks fourth in receptions among running backs (38).

After visiting his new building at Carnegie Mellon University, the Tepper Quadrangle, as well as his old high school, Peabody (now the Barack Obama Academy), Tepper spoke with reporters on the sideline before Thursday nights Panthers game against the Steelers.

Christian McCaffrey has also been a beast this season, ranking 3rd in running back receptions (49), 19th in Rushing Success Rate (40.37%), and 16th in Rushing NEP per rush (0.00).

Tepper was closely involved in the design and construction of the Tepper Quad, and financed a third of the $201 million project. He has also been putting into place plans for new Carolina Panthers facilities.

From a yards from scrimmage perspective, Conner ranks second (1,085), while McCaffrey ranks seventh (880), which also shows up in their individual fantasy rankings:

David Tepper returned to his home city of Pittsburgh on Thursday, for his second game since he became the owner of the Carolina Panthers in July.

It looks like both teams have strong running games, but can these defenses step up to the task and hold down these runners?

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CSR looks like game: Steelers edition

In looking at numberFires schedule-adjusted metrics, one of the strengths of the Steelers season has been their defense, which clocks in 10th, and the Panthers havent been quite so strong, ranking 16th.

Much of the talk surrounding second-year back James Conner has been about how Le’Veon Bell didn’t matter that much and how Pittsburgh is actually better without Bell. I don’t really agree with this statement; while the Steelers are scoring more points without Bell, let’s not forget offensive coordinator Todd Haley is no longer with Pittsburgh – or Cleveland for that matter – and often times it did seem like he was force feeding Bell.

Steelers, Panthers set record by scoring three touchdowns in 23 seconds

From analyzing Pittsburghs perspective, theyve been really good against both the run and the pass, ranking 8th against the pass and 12th against the run. Carolina has been pretty good against the pass, too — they rank 13th there but have struggled defending the run, now sitting 22nd.

Antonio Brown is an outlier for sixth-round picks. He’s arguably the best receiver in the league, and has been a first-team All-Pro wide receiver for four consecutive seasons. This year, he only has 51 catches for 594 yards – though he also has nine touchdowns – through eight games, which can be traced to the emergence of guys like JuJu Smith-Schuster and Vance McDonald as well as Roethlisberger failing to connect with him several times downfield.

Getting pressure on the opposing quarterback has a major strength for the Steelers, but a problem for the Panthers in 2018. In terms of Football Outsiders adjusted sack rate, which measures sacks plus intentional grounding penalties, Pittsburgh checks in seventh with a mark of 8.1%. Carolina, however, needs to step their game up, as they rank 20th with a mark of 7.1%.

Even The Cameraman Swooned Over Vince Williamss Pick-Six

As you may expect with the color mentioned above, Pittsburgh has been solid getting the ball back to Roethlisberger and company, but Carolina hasnt been so strong. Pittsburgh ranks 10th in yards allowed per drive (30.42), while Carolina clocks in 19th (33.06). Carolina has shined in forcing turnovers, ranking tied for seventh (15), while Pittsburgh has forced only nine this year.

As shown on this run, Conner isn’t afraid to dish out some punishment either – he’s a physical back that from time to time can contrast Bell’s hesitance with a more aggressive, contact-hungry approach. But Conner isn’t overtly aggressive and has constantly shown his intelligence as a runner. As a receiver, he’s of the same quality, too.

Safety Eric Reid was just ejected after hitting Steelers quarterback Ben Roethlisberger in the head as he was sliding.

Reid was diving over the top and caught Roethlisberger in the head as he flew past, and it didn’t take a long huddle of officials to send Reid off.

That triggered a brief scrum, as Steelers guard David DeCastro came to his quarterback’s defense. Reid eventually went over and appeared to apologize to Roethlisberger.

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