Trump Says I Dont Know Matt Whitaker, Despite Several Oval Office Visits

Trump Says \I Don\t Know Matt Whitaker,\ Despite Several Oval Office Visits

Acting Attorney General Matt Whitaker Once Expressed Terrifying View Of Executive Power

Washington (CNN)Leading figures in the Russia drama face fateful choices in the coming days and months that could tip America into a political and constitutional abyss. With the midterm elections in the rearview, a sense of foreboding is settling over Washington.

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Rosenstein has several severe conflicts of interest when it comes to the Mueller probe and the Obama administrations spygate efforts against President Trump and his associates. Rosenstein signed off on multiple Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA) applications to extend surveillance on Trump campaign aide Carter Page, who was unfairly accused of being a Russian spy. The saga was only one instance of extreme overreach by members of the Obama administration. Rosenstein offered a weak wave-off of his role in the surveillance process, claiming he may not have read the whole FISA application before signing off on it.

A crowd gathered at the Elmwood Park Amphitheater in Roanoke to protest President Donald Trumps firing of Attorney General Jeff Sessions and his decision to replace him with Acting Attorney General Michael Whitaker.

Whitaker is a longtime critic of Muellers endless Russia probe, which has failed to produce a scintilla of evidence related to Russian collusion. He has previously suggested drastically reducing the budget of Muellers special counsel probe, in order to thwart Muellers threat to the presidents constitutional mandate. Whitaker has also argued that Mueller has overstepped his authority. As acting attorney general, he will be well positioned to rein in the special counsel.

ROANOKE, Va. (WSET) — Protesters with Roanoke Indivisible joined hundreds of other groups around the nation to speak out and march against what they call a gross injustice. They gathered at the Elmwood Park Amphitheater.

Video: Demonstrators March Through Philadelphia In Support Of Mueller Investigation

This group is protesting President Donald Trumps decision to fire Attorney General Jeff Sessions and replace him with acting attorney general Michael Whitaker.

Mueller is said to be in the process of writing his final report, which is sure to be incredibly hostile to the Trump administration and people close to the president. The president may need to have a poised AG by his side when Muellers attack dogs once again come after his legitimacy.

Whitaker would oversee Special Counsel Robert Muellers investigation of Russian interference in the 2016 elections.

Republicans lost fewer seats in the House of Representatives than Democrats lost in 1994 or 2010, when Bill Clinton and Barack Obama were in their first terms as president. Mr. Clinton and Mr. Obama both went on to win re-election two years after those midterm routs. And while Democrats also lost Senate seats in the first midterm elections under Presidents Clinton and Obama, Mr. Trumps Republicans defied the historical trend by adding to their Senate majority…Mr. Trump did something unusual by increasing turnout among his defenders as well as his opponents. Republicans felt that Mr. Trump had an agenda still worth fighting for, and they were heartened that on several key issues — perhaps most important, judicial appointments — the president had delivered what he promised. That helped to make Tuesday a good night for political engagement overall, and it kept Republican losses below what they would have been if Mr. Trump had simply been an unpopular and polarizing figure…Far from bringing about Mr. Trumps repudiation, whether by a defeated and regretful right or by the country as a whole, the midterm election has only firmed up the lines of conflict for the future. President Trump will be at the center of that conflict, not as an aberration or departure from the norms of politics but as an integral part of the Republican Party — its head as well as its right arm.

The people in the White House are really scared right now, and I wouldnt put it past them to do anything to stop this investigation to keep from being exposed,” said one protester, Karen Cobb.

I agree with Pat partially. Democrats hate Trump because: 1) Trump dared to drag Bill Clinton’s rape victims to the Presidential debates. 2) Trumps followers with Trumps blessing want Hillary locked up. Trump dared to demonize and damn the democrats every bit as much as the democrats demonized Trump and his followers as dregs and deplorables. Democrats can dish it out but they cant take it. 3) Trump is dismantling globalism and undermining or withdrawing from the global institutions the left built over the last 50-100 years. THIS THREATENS MANY OF THE FIFEDOMS OF THEIR POWER. 4) Every Presidential Administration leaves a legacy of loyal employees and that leaves power for prior administrations and for the prior party machine that got them elected. TRUMP IS SLOWLY CLEANING HOUSE FROM OBAMA AND BUSHII AND BILL & HILLARY CLINTON. THAT THREATENS THEIR POWER AND INFLUENCE AND THEY DONT LIKE IT.

They accuse President Donald Trump of crossing the line since he took office, but they said this time, things have really gone too far.

I’m sorry, but I have to say this. You and only a handful of few others like Robert W. Merry and Paul Gottfried on TAC seem to understand this. Everyone else who doesn’t understand that this fight is about the heart and soul of America, and that the moderates *never* were moderates. There was no such haggling, hassling, violent attacks and demonstrable protests when the tenets of life broke down in the legalisation of abortion, Obergefall, and so on, and the ‘right’ wing is somehow to consolidate ALL the attacks, without ever punching back, and somehow they’re to be demonised for selecting a man who precisely does all to push back.

We have to have a government that we can trust, and right now, we have a government in place in the White House that just cannot be trusted,” Cobb said.

If theres one set of rules for one group of people in our country who are rich and powerful who are above the law, then we really dont have a democracy,” said Catherine Koebel, another protester.

One option, suggested by Whitaker in a 2017 CNN interview, would be for the attorney general to simply slash funding for Muellers team. As he explained, I could see a scenario where Jeff Sessions is replaced, it would [be a] recess appointment and that attorney general doesnt fire Bob Mueller but he just reduces his budget to so low that his investigations grinds to almost a halt.

Every person has to follow the same laws, and if somebodys being investigated for a particular reason, then they shouldnt have the ability, influence or power to shut it down,” Ivonne Wallace Fuentes, an organizer with Roanoke Indivisible.

The group made it clear theyre no fan of Sessions either, but they said the goal is to protect Mueller and allow him to carry out a fair investigation.

To make sure that people understand that were watching, and that we are not going to stand for the destruction of our norms and our institutions,” Wallace Fuentes said.

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