White House aide Mira Ricardel removed after Melania Trump row

White House aide Mira Ricardel removed after Melania Trump row

Trumps mood takes a foul turn: Hes pissed — at damn near everyone

How is it that Ricardel managed to secure the position of deputy national-security adviser in the first place? Normally, youd think that fact that Mattis didnt hold her in terribly high regard would be an obstacle. Ricardels rise could be a testament to her prowess as a bureaucratic warrior. But it could also be a reflection of the fact that the Trump White House has had limited options to draw on. Many Republican foreign-policy professionals were deeply skeptical of Donald Trump during his campaign for the GOP nomination, and many of them continue to be wary. The result is that much of the partys foreign-policy bench is either unwilling to serve or, for those willing to swallow their reservations, incapable of passing the loyalty tests established by Ricardel and others. Given the high turnover thats characterized the Trump administration thus far, this could prove a big problem in the months to come.

Late-night hosts discussed the lawsuit and Melania Trumps attempt to get an aide fired after a feud over plane seating

The one thing I will say is the Africa trip, as we talked about on this show, wasnt totally (well) received globally, McCain said. We talked about the pith helmet, the controversial attire. If this woman (Ricardel) is telling her something she doesnt want to hear, maybe she should start listening to things you dont want to hear. One of the things, in my experience, is youve got to surround yourself with people who arent going to be yes men telling you what you want to hear every day.

Loyalty Tests May Hurt the Trump Administration

Facebook Twitter Pinterest On Late Night with Seth Meyers, the host spoke about Melania Trumps unusual decision to release a statement detailing her desire to see the deputy national security adviser, Mira Ricardel, fired after reports of a feud between the pair.

What Melania has accused this woman of is leaking, and where I would disagree with Meghan a little bit is this White House is famous for leaks, and the people that are in that White House, they still havent gotten control of that, Huntsman said. There has to be frustration with Melania.

Read more Wait, she can do that? Meyers said. All that time weve been waiting for Robert Mueller to get rid of Trump and we should have been talking to her.

Co-host Joy Behar said the first lady should fire whoever encouraged her to wear a jacket that said, I dont care, do u? while visiting migrant children detained near the border — and colleague Sunny Hostin pointed out Melania Trump had admitted to sending a message with her clothing.

Meyers also discussed the news that CNN is suing the president over his decision to rescind their reporter Jim Acostas accreditation.

Really? You want to go after Trump with a lawsuit? he said. That guy lives for lawsuits. Hes been served more than the Big Mac. Trying to sue him is like trying to drown a fish. If you really want to go after him then stop inviting liars on to your network to tell everybody how great he is.

Ricardel “will continue to support the president as she departs the White House to transition to a new role within the administration,” White House spokeswoman Sarah Sanders said in a statement. Sanders did not elaborate on what Ricardels new job would be.

Video: Melania Trumps Office Calls For Dismissal Of National Security Official | TODAY

Facebook Twitter Pinterest On The Late Show, Stephen Colbert referred to Melania Trump becoming the one doing the firing as a refreshing change of pace given the last two years.

Trump, after congressional elections last week in which his Republican Party saw its power eroded, is also preparing to oust Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen as part of a post-election Cabinet shakeup, several U.S. officials said.

First lady gets political with call for White House aides firing

He then referenced reports that Melania Trump has been angered by the chief of staff, John Kelly, after he failed to promote certain aides. Donald Trump reportedly urged him to do as he was told, saying: I dont need this shit, to which Colbert joked: Thats kind of sweet. He quoted his wedding vows.

California wildfires continue to spread devastation. The Italian government rejects a deadline for budget cuts. Melania Trump calls for Deputy National Security Advisor Mira Ricardel to be fired. Steve Bannon says Trump will have the final say. Yahoo Finances Adam Shapiro discusses.

Trump also continued his feud with the French president, Emmanuel Macron, suggesting that the US should increase tariffs on wine from France.

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Video: Trump complains of looking like bossed-around husband

Trumps mood takes a foul turn

Arent you losing support with suburban white women? Colbert said. Maybe nows not the time to come after wine. Whats next? Banning book club and Nancy Meyers movies?

On The Daily Show, Trevor Noah discussed Amazon, one of the internets most popular non-pornographic websites.

The company announced plans to build new hubs in established cities, a decision thats caused anger. Finally something thats going to put New York and DC on the map, he said.

FLOTUS-Ricardel Feud Dates Back To Tension Over Plane Seats On Trip To Africa

Noah continued: Seeing New York and DC land a new office complex is sort of like watching Bill Gates win the lottery. Its like, congrats, I guess?

Facebook Twitter Pinterest On Jimmy Kimmel Live! the host spoke about Trumps desire to fire the homeland security secretary, Kirstjen Nielsen, who was involved in helping him put children into cages near the border. I guess in the end she wasnt quite evil enough, and now Thanos will take charge, he joked.

Hes too chicken to fire people face to face and John Kelly is the guy who does it for him, so now Trump has to figure out a way to get John Kelly to fire himself, he joked.

Kimmel also brought up Melania Trumps wish to see Ricardel fired. Be best is now be gone, he joked.

He continued: According to the story, Ricardel wanted Melania to sit in the middle section of the plane and Melania wanted to jump out of it.

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